Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A question I get a LOT....

Kathie, how do you stay so positive?
Yep, I get that question quite a bit. Of course I have my bad days just like everyone else but for the most part I am pretty chipper.
Anyway, I got to thinkin'...
What makes some people see the glass as half-full while others see it as half-empty?
I can't answer for others but as for me, I blame credit my uncles for creating the confident,  take-on-the-world risk-taker that I am. 
You see, my mom was the only girl out of 10 kids and I am the oldest grandchild.
She had me at a young age so she brought me (all 5 pounds) home from the hospital to a house full of little boys
Now imagine all said little boys carrying me around like a baby doll (I didn't have to walk til I was 5), coddling me and spoiling me rotten, catering to my every whim.
For five glorious years I was a princess!
And then...... the bottom fell out.
That awful, horrible moment when reality opened the door and crept it's way into my life forever - that 'red devil' letting me know in no uncertain terms that I was not any cuter, not smarter, and -gasp!-  not any more special than anyone else!
Talk about traumatized! That's right, but it was my very first real lesson in life that sticks with me today. More on that later.
So, if you're interested in my 'secrets' on how to live a positive, happy, (almost) worry-free life then I am more than happy to divulge. 
But this will take more than one -even two - posts. So stay tuned. 
Til next time!

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Deb~in~Denver said...

Kathie, I worked in an elementary school library, we had a new group of Kindergartners come in to check out their first "school" book. As the kids went through the line, they were to give me their names. When I asked one little boy what his name was he answered "Precious". I repeated the name and he said that was right. We'd had some unusual names over the years so I typed in "Precious", nothing came up. I asked him what his mom called him when he was in trouble (a little trick to get his first and last name) and he said "I don't get in trouble and she ALWAYS calls me Precious. Very cute but very sad that this little guy had NO idea what his real name was! Bet his bubble was burst when he found out that wasn't his name! Wonder what she calls him now that he's an adult?