Tuesday, January 13, 2015

People Like Us

It has been in the low 40's and even down to the mid-40's here in the Lone Star State. I know, I know. Those of you up north have no sympathy but that's still pretty nippy to me so I just 'layer up'.
And of course being cooped all I want to do is eat - which I have not been doing (outside of meal times).  So, I've been doing my Shaun T to distract me from thoughts of ice cream.

And ya know, I love my Shaun T, but I wish he'd just shut up. I mean, really. Why can't I just jump around,  dance and get my hip-hop on without his witty  stupid commentary? After the 6th time, he just isn't funny. Or cute. But I keep at it. And yes....I'm seeing a difference.
But night time is the worst. I just want to grab a bag of chips and eat the whole bag, because with winter also comes boredom and depression. So today I decided to reward myself. I went down to the Rowlett Library and checked out a book I've been wanting to read for sometime.
Then after I got my housework done I snuggled up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and said book.

I bought this teacup at Mount Vernon before I left Virginia. As you can see, there is Mount Vernon in all her glory on the teacup itself.
For many years we had the privilege of living on Mount Vernon property that was owned by George Washington.
I'll be going back to Virginia in February. We keep a townhouse there because Mr. T still has a office in DC. It's the first time I will have been back since leaving in June.
Yes, I'm looking forward to it....but not as much as I do coming back to beautiful Texas.
How do you get through the winter blues?

(book: Dominque Dunne "People Like Us", 1994)


Farrah said...

Hallmark movies are helping me get through, even after the Christmas movies are over.

Michelle Boyero said...

I know what you mean about the Winter Blues, although I love this time of year. First and foremost I've read it's very important to get up each morning and open those blinds/curtains and let the sunshine in. I've read people who keep a closed home experience more depression symptoms that others. So let that sunshine in. Also, so me I'm trying my hand at different crafts whether it be wood burning, knitting, canning, etc. My next project will be trying my hand at painting. I've never been any good, but I can draw a mean stick figure so we'll see how it goes. I have yet to find the perfect picture for the fireplace area so I'm thinking of trying to make something myself. If you see pics posted on Facebook in the future you'll know I was semi successful, if not well you can only imagine the horror I created. Keep posting and filling my heart with joy each time I read your blog. Ps...Go get yourself that old truck you've been dreaming of because there's nothing quite like a drive on a Winter day (or any day for that matter) in an old truck. Cures a multitude of ailments.

holli said...

I love winter. I don't get the winter blues. I HATE with capital letters Hate our summers so much that I appreciate every cold day we have. I do like to snuggle on couch though in my pajamas the second I get home from work and read with my dogs in my lap. That cheers me up no matter what!