Monday, February 16, 2015

Today and Every Day, I'm Just Me

Living a Positive, Happy and (almost) Worry-Free Life
(Part II)
Today and everyday, I'm just me!

Okay, so it's also a title from a 1970's Charley Pride song, but anyway. 
Everyone wants to know 'how I do it' - how I am able to remain positive in this crazy world.

Well, I've found that the happiest people in the world are ones that stay true to themselves and I can definitely attest to that fact!

I am a very simple person.
I like what I like and I don't let anyone influence me.

For instance, I like old cars.
Especially old beat up Suburbans.

I drove this ol' beaute for 4 years. I named her Dixie and she was a 'star' in the earlier days of this blog.

And it was EXTREME fun to be all dressed up and drive her to a fun event where other people were driving Lexus or BMW's.
  The reaction of other people was just priceless!
You see - positive, confident people can laugh at themselves and don't mind if other people do, too!

I am also not afraid to let my creative juices flow for all the world to see------

and criticize.

While I loved the end result of decorating this house in Shabby Chic style I definitely received criticism over it but never dreamed of changing it.

Same thing about my work.
Some people like it. And some really, really don't.

Ouch, you'd think - right?

Water off a duck's back.

It used to hurt when I first started out, but then I reminded myself why I do what I do - because I enjoy it!

And I also don't want to be on my death-bed regretting that I was too afraid of criticism to step out and take a chance on the things I want to do.

According to palliative care worker and author Bronnie Ware, the biggest regret dying patients have is that they've lived their lives the way others thought they should - not the way they wanted.

I live every single day to not let that be me.

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Miss Janice said...

Bless your heart, and I say that in a kind way! I agree with you...the older I get, the more happy I have become. Within limits of course, I live my life and try not to let those critical folks change me. I love Miss Hillbilly Debutante!