Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Pink/Navy to brighten a dark, rainy day..

sweater: Brooks Brothers, vest: J.Jill, Pants: Talbot's weekender chinos, Ribbon belt: Talbot's
In spite of the spring merchandise behind me, it is waaayy too cold and rainy today for anything less than layers.

shoes: Bass Weejuns
I would love to brag on my colored/patterned sock collection, but I swear we have a ghost in our house that steals one out of every pair, so I only get to wear them about once.

 striped shirt: J. Crew boyfriend shirt, pearls: J. Crew

bracelet: Pussers at Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands
Here's to hoping that spring really is 'just around the corner.

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Farrah said...

I wish I still had my Weejuns. They're the best! Pink and navy is one of my favorite color combos.