Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You're gonna want one..

I have long admired the work of  East Coast designers James Kiel Patrick and Sarah Vickers.
This weekend I took the plunge and ordered two of Sarah's
 'Vickers Bows' bracelets.
I placed my order over the weekend and it only took two days to arrive from Rhode Island to Texas.
(Free shipping for first class, by the way).

All KJP products are made in the USA and the American flag is proudly displayed on the box.

Normally, I am so excited when I receive a package I start ripping through the boxes, but KJP's packaging is so charming that you savor every single step - from the tiny box

(notice the map inside)

to the charming wrapping paper

 which is a map of Nantucket,

until you finally reach the prize.

the Southern Swift

 the Mr. Claybrooke.
Take a few minutes to go over and peruse the website to read their story and look at their unique merchandise.

Sarah is the author of one of my favorite blogs
'Classy Girls Wear Pearls'.
Warning: I will not be held responsible when your family goes hungry because you can't drag your carcass away for hours at a time!
I'll let you find out all about them on your own, but for all you romantics out there I will divulge this one tiny tidbit -
Sarah and Kiel are engaged.

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Farrah said...

The gingham is adorable!