Saturday, May 30, 2015

A note from The Hillbilly Hacienda

You know, I thought when I moved here last summer that I would write every day. Or at least 4 times a week. Truth is, I've been having more fun than the law should allow and I haven't even been motivated to sit still long enough to put 'pen to paper'.
'Pen to paper'?
  Does anyone really even do that anymore?
Anyway, between decorating The Hillbilly Hacienda, catching up with and meeting new Facebook friends and fellow bloggers, familiarizing myself with the local landscape, working a part-time job and doing a play, I really haven't been too motivated.
Sadly, the boutique where I was shopping working closed it's doors. Thankfully, all of my co-workers found new jobs.
I am a proud Texas Realtor!
Ironically, my Virginia license expired the day my Texas one became active.
I am now ready to get back to doing what I love best.
Or second-best.
Writing to you is what I really love the best and boy do I have lots to share with you.
I even have a secret! Something I've kept from you that I'm ready to share.
Yes, you'll be shocked.
It might even change the way you feel about me.
But I've always been an open book for you.
Now, I think you're ready for the next chapter.
It will have to wait a few days, though.
Grandkids are coming over to spend the night.
Til next time,


Farrah said...

Not fair! I wanna know!

Kelly said...

You can just pm me and tell me first. I won't tell a soul. (giggle)

Cozy Little House said...

Just found you through Mod Vintage Style. I definitely like your spunk!