Friday, June 19, 2015

One Year later....

Exactly ONE YEAR ago today, I climbed into my sunshine yellow Mini-Cooper, clothes stacked on top of an already bulging, over-stuffed bag in the front seat, and a big black dog in the back.
After 21 hours of driving across our beautiful South, I felt an overwhelming giddiness when I saw this approaching in the distance.
After 32 years - finally - I was back in Texas.
Not for a visit.
Not for a drive-through.
But here.
Really and truly here to stay.
Tears of joy streamed down my face as I drove across that state line.
My first goal was to live a simple life.
People have asked how I achieved this.
I cut back on all the 'noise'.
Politics, news and television (with the exception of Downtown Abbey, of course) were replaced with books and/or decorating magazines.
LOTS of decorating magazines

"Prairie Style" has been my go-to source for decorating and construction ideas for Hillbilly Hacienda, as well as for my personal style.

I didn't rush to get a job or make new friends.
I just took a deep breath - and chilled.
On weekends I'd scour flea markets, junk stores and vintage shops. The folks at Home Depot and Lowe's got to know us by name.
During the week, I'd hole myself up in the new house that needed so much love and attention. And while the old girl looks a heck of a lot better than she did, she still needs more work - but it is so much fun!
Next, I wanted a job. But not just any ol' job - one where I was free to be me, show my creativity and dress however I wanted with no restrictions. And y'all know what THAT means!
Okay, well maybe I didn't wear the crown - but I sure could have and my boss wouldn't have minded one bit! Seriously, though - it was a perfect job and I had THE best boss - EVER. I mean, like in a hundred million years. After all my time in the job market and some of the ya-hoo's (in the south we pronounce that YAY-hoo) I have worked for, I'm tellin' ya that I DESERVED her.
But alas, after 8 months of being there the owners decided to close our store. Boo-hoo! I hated that.
I'm a realtor at heart anyway, so I just went back to my first love.
So, once again, I'm happy with my job.
In our 33 years of marriage we have moved over 20 times. When people would ask 'How do you like Missouri, Texas, Mississippi, Virginia or Washington DC?' I would always quote my favorite Bible verse:
'For I have found whatever state I am therefore to be content.' Phillipians 4:13
Now, I am sure that isn't what the Apostle Paul meant by 'state', but I am here to tell you that TEXAS is MY state of contentment.
Simplicity and contentment.
What more could I possibly ask for?
Oh, yeah - there's that!
Maybe this time next year!


Anonymous said...

I think that's just wonderful. I am very happy for you!

Farrah said...

I'm so glad that you're happy! I love Texas but haven't been there in a long time.

Chanda said...

You would look just Dah'ling driving that red truck. You would rock it. Welcome Home.

Deb~in~Denver said...

Glad you are loving your new laid-back life! I love your adventurous spirit! Love the red truck, too!