Monday, July 6, 2015

Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-sumertime

Bit by bit, and a little at a time, the Hillbilly Hacienda is lookin' better and better. We  Mr. T did a bit of landscaping in the front, and I did my part by placing a few throw pillows on the porch chairs for some color. That was pretty much the extent of my 'help.'

Don't get me wrong. I LOVE to help. But for some reason I never live up to 'you know who's' expectations and then a big fight ensues. I'm not digging deep enough. I'm digging too deep. The plants are too far apart. The plants are too close together. I'm holding the hoe wrong.  I'm sure we're not the first couple fight over an old hoe. (ba-da-boom!)
Okay, let's move around to the back yard, now.

I adore these new 'vintage-style' lawn chairs. I wish I could remember the name of the store where we bought them, because I ALWAYS love to give a shout out to whomever I do business with. It's located on Ross Street in Dallas. Hmmmm....just asked Mr. T and he can't remember either. My daughter knows but it's way too late to call and ask her. Tell ya what....I have to go in town tomorrow and I'll do a drive by and then report back to you.

Anyhoo - Mr. Master Gardener is not going to be happy that I posted his 'bald spot' on the internet, although I really don't know why he should get his panties in a wad. He is building me a wrap-around table around the tree so there is no need to plant grass there, anyway. Besides, these chairs are so darlin' that you probably wouldn't have even noticed this bald patch if I hadn't pointed it out.

 My dining room hasn't been so easy to decorate, but I REALLY lucked out with this white hutch. I was showing farm land to a client last week down in Royse City (about 30 miles south of Dallas) and came upon the cutest little boutique I've ever seen. It's called 'Lyndi's' and it's right there on Main Street. She even delivered it to my house! That creamy white really shows off my Blue Willow china, which just happens to match my curtains.

You can follow 'Lyndi's Boutique' of Royse City on Facebook, as well.  I love her furniture, but she also has really cute cowgirl, prairie style clothing, too. I can tell she is gonna get me in lot's of trouble. Can't wait!
Oh - and guess what? When I gave her my address and told her the name of my house, she knew instantly where it was because she'd driven past and seen THIS:
 Another place I love to haunt is Dot's Consignment in Dallas on Live Oak Street. It's an Awesome (with a capital 'A') place to shop, not only for furniture and home goods, but also vintage clothes/hats/jewelry.

I found this tea/coffee set there for a song. It's silver-plated, but it's
E B Rogers, which is good-quality silver-plate.

 Cardinals add a splash of color to an all blue-white room.
Oh my! I almost forgot. Let's go back to the back yard again.

I think we're not the ONLY ones living here at Hillbilly Hacienda!


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