Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who I am....

If you're here because you got this
 then chances are EXTREMELY high that you live in my 'hood...
or that you're my mama, because she collects anything and everything that has my picture on it.
Anyhoo...let's assume that you live in my Texas neighborhood.
Let me start by tellin' you just a bit about myself.
I moved back to Texas after living in the Washington DC metro area where I was a realtor for many years.
(Shout out to my Long and Foster and Coldwell Baker peeps!)
Finally, after 13 years of driving 2 blocks in 3 hours, longing for the sound of birds instead of car horns, big open sky instead of gray, colorless buildings and hoping for at least one 'hello' or a smile at the very least from some one - anyone - that I came in contact with, I went home and told my best friend Sally
'Let's get outta here and go back to Texas.'
So, a month later, I threw a suitcase in the front seat of Little Miss Sunshine (my yellow Mini-Cooper), got Sally situated in the back, and 2 days - voila! We were 'home'.
Now, there are two things I'm pretty good at.
Writing and Real Estate - and not necessarily in that order - and one of those, I guess, it actually depends on who you ask if I'm 'good' or not.
(my fun book)
(my bestseller - great if you like nail-biting suspense)
Because even though I have 4 (almost 5-star ratings) on both novels, some of my critics think I should jump off a bridge and never put pen to paper ever again. And some days I would agree.
My Real Estate Career, however, is another story. I KNOW, without a shadow of a doubt that I'm great at that.
It just comes naturally.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE helping others find their dream home and helping people get what they want.
I just do.
So, every once in a while you'll get these post cards from me.
I've invited y'all to join me here on Hillbilly Debutante. Now, don't worry - it's not 'all real estate all the time'.
No sirree, Bob. We talk about lots of different subjects. It's all very random. You never know what to expect - except one thing.
I have more fun than the law should allow.
Sometimes I share recipes.

A little dollop of sour cream on top of your strawberries sprinkled with brown sugar - I'm tellin' ya - your taste buds will thank me.
Sometimes I talk about my favorite mode of transportation, which is my vintage-style pink bike named "Peggy Sue", and my love of vintage vehicles.

You'll see me pedaling around the neighborhood on any given evening, so if you see me give me a shout-out.
I don't have the Grand Wagoneer yet, so I have to settle for the magnet on my fridge.
I'm also in love with vintage trucks.
Now, don't let this here picture fool ya:
I look like I'd be afraid to work too hard for fear of chipping a nail or breaking a sweat. Nope - you will very seldom see me looking like this.
If I'm not riding 'Peggy Sue' or walking Sally, then you'll very likely see me in boots/jeans.
Here ya' go- see for yourself.
Even if you don't want to buy or sell, but you need the name of a good service provider in the area. I have a list of good plumbers, contractors, inspectors, housekeepers, authors (just kidding) -
And to all my other readers who live across the country who have followed me for the past 10 years, I know you don't want to hear non-stop real estate trends, either.
Don't worry - nothing is really changing.
Mostly, I just wanted to give an introduction as to what we're all about on here.
Stay tuned - we're getting ready to do a little kitchen construction here at Hillbilly Hacienda.
And we're doing it ourselves.
Can Mr. T and Kathie's marriage survive one more project?
Stay tuned!
Until next time

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Farrah said...

Without a doubt it will survive! xoxoxo