Sunday, October 18, 2015

New Makeover

Now, if that headline up there had you clicking furiously to get on here to check out my new facelift, tummy tuck or new haircut, then you'll be sorely disappointed.
No facelift, no tummy tuck and no new haircut - hopefully this week, though (on the haircut, not the facelift or tummy tuck, however I would not be adverse to lipo-suction, but, I digress).
Actually, the makeover is fixin' to take place on Hillbilly Hacienda herself.  We haven't done anything new to her in about a year and I am getting restless. No rest for the wicked, huh?
First order of business is building a pool. That should start in a few weeks and will be finished (hopefully) right after Christmas.
Second on the agenda is new wood floors. Right now the flooring is all chopped up. Not literally 'chopped up' as in with a machete, even though I've been major-league tempted, but wood floors in the living room, blue linoleum in the kitchen, pergot in the dining room, tile in the foyer and an ugly, ugly carpet in the office. Yeah, that kind of chopped up
We'll have the floors put in after the pool is finished. I'm afraid I couldn't handle two construction projects going on at once.
 No way, Jose.
Changing the subject to the weather now - how is your autumn looking? I am seeing gorgeous pictures on Facebook of the beautiful fall leaves, photos of folks in sweaters and jackets.
Well, honey - here in Texas it's still hot and no sign of leaves changing just yet. Can you believe it's the middle of October and still in the mid to upper 90's?
This girl LOVES it, but it's hard to get into the fall decorating spirit when it still feels like summer.
Sooooo.....with a click of the mouse, I head over to my favorite blog, Sugar Pie Farm House. Aunt Ruthie has her fall home-tour uploaded. Why don't you head over there and take a look for yourself - trust me, she'll have you going out buying pumpkins and gathering fall leaves.
You will definitely understand why she is my favorite.
Til next time,

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Aunt Ruthie said...

Gurrrl! You are the sweetest!!! Thanks so much for sending your sweet peeps to my bloggity! I sure love hearing about your Texas adventures!! Sending some Missouri hugs your way!! xoxox