Thursday, April 6, 2017

Article Request Part 2: Makeup products

Leah Sheffield Fusselier from Louisiana asked if I'd do a makeup tutorial.

I wouldn't mind doing an actual video tutorial but I don't know how I'd set my phone up to actually record it. So....let me think a bit more about how to do that.
In the you go.....
Girls, my makeup bag is the size of Texas and I am NOT a brand snob.
No, sirree. I'll try any brand until I find what works best.
And as you can tell I have every brand under the sun.
I use MAC for my foundation, concealer and pressed powder, yet you'll see Maybelline loose powder, another concealer- wait- I have two concealers? -  as well as L'Oreal and Milani.
I have to tell you that the products I get from Milani (cheap from CVS) are probably my favorite. Their eye and lip colors are very rich. They also have a contour/highlighter that I absolutely love.
Here are questions I get asked most.
How long does it take you to do your makeup?
It depends. If I'm going somewhere with Mr. T and he is in a big hurry he'll tell me 'you don't need to do the full-dolly'.
In actual fact, I do indeed do the 'full-dolly' every single day of my life. Even if I'm just staying home. I never know who is going to drop by and it's not that I'm ashamed of being 'nekkid', it's just that I look so different (i.e. like an old hag) and I'd rather not subject people to that. I think it makes them uncomfortable.
Oh - but wait! I still haven't answered the question. So, how long DOES it take me to do my makeup?
 I think about an hour altogether - give or take another 35-45 minutes.
How much do you spend on makeup each month?
I spend very little, actually. It all lasts a long time and of course I don't run out of everything at once. I probably replace concealer and mascara more than anything.
You should never keep your mascara longer than 3 months, and I have such dark circles under my eyes that I have to use a lot of concealer, so it goes pretty fast.
You're getting older - you should probably use a lighter hand.
(code for 'girl, you wear way too much/)
It's true - I wear a LOT of makeup and I am totally, completely, unabashedly unashamed of that.
It's like a hobby for me so I like to play and experiment and try different colors and looks.
First of all - I care NOTHING about age, and Second of all -
I live in Texas where everything is bigger - including my eyelashes.
So yes, I'm wearing a lot, but NO I don't think I wear 'too much'.
Oh heck - who am I kiddin'?
Of course I wear 'too much'  - I'm too much, but at 54 years old I doubt that I'm changing anytime soon.
Love me, love my makeup.
End of story.
You wear highlighter.  Isn't that more for the younger set?
I mean YES I wear highlighter, but NO I don't think it's for the 'younger' set.
I have found that using highlighter gives my 'blah' skin a little 'oomph'.
Do you do your own makeup?
Believe it or not I get asked this a lot. 
Of course I do my own makeup.
Mr. T would not cotton to the idea of moving a makeup artist into our spare bedroom - unless said makeup artist could also double as the chef. And the pool boy. And maybe mow the lawn every once in a while.
Thanks for dropping by!
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zenawarrior said...

I love glam and really appreciate when others take the time. I do really need to cut down on my spending though. I hate the way highlighter looks on me but I have a whole drawer of them. They are so pretty that I cannot resist. They look really cool on my finger though. I rarely run out of anything because I get conned into buying every new product. Now I'm becoming a skincare junkie. Which brings me to my suggestion for your next post...skincare please! & what do you think of lasers, fillers etc? -Valerie :)