Thursday, April 6, 2017

Article requests from friends: Part 1

It should be no secret that I have suffered from writers block going on 140 a few years now. So...I recently reached out to some of you for ideas and you came up with some really interesting topics.
I'll do it in several part series.
So, Johna Johnson Armistead, you're first.
'Write something personal about one of the Bible verses you posted today"
The following was my facebook status:
"Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them."
Romans 12:14
You see, I always try to love people the way God loves us - unconditionally.
It's kind of like that Back Street Boys song (I hear you saying 'whaaatt?, but bare with me),
I don't care who you are, where you've been, don't care what you've done as long as you love me....
That's the way God loves us and I try very hard to love like that.
But, of course, I'm not God.
I'm human and while my intentions are good, when someone
goes out of their way to be mean, to say things that cut to the quick and they do it on purpose,  and in a public way, my first instinct is to lash out.
(Yes, that happened this week).
Then, I remember this commandment.
Yes, I know it's not one of the 10 original commandments, but it's a commandment nonetheless.
There's also that 'little' verse out there, too, that tells us we are not authorized to seek revenge.
Or hold a grudge.
So, even though it's really, really, really, really hard sometimes, I quote these verses over and over in my head, and remind myself of my vow to actively try and love each human being just like God loves me.
That, dear Johna, is the story behind my posting of the Bible verse.
If anyone else has anything they'd like me to touch on, or if you have a question/comment, please leave in the comment section below. It's been a while and really miss you!

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