Tuesday, July 17, 2018

There's just somethin' 'bout a train track......

I have never understood why folks don't like to buy a house near a train track.
I think the lonely echo of a train whistle is ever so romantic.
(anybody else out there feel the same or am I just weird)

I have driven over this particular track in Garland, Texas many times in the past 4 years,

and for some strange reason I've always wanted to park the car and walk it.

So, today - just like that - I DID it. 
(Hey! NO regrets in my life, regardless of how insignificant it may seem)

There's also a beautiful old rusty building next to the track. 
Buildings like this are strewn throughout Texas and I always let my mind wander about aaaallll the possibilites....

An antique mall, perhaps? 
A restaurant? 
How about a clothing boutique or a boot store? 
Oh, yeah....so many, many options.

I've ALWAYS had an affinity for anything old - people, cars, clothes, shoes, buildings and houses - especially houses!

This beauty right here was almost mine about 7 years ago.
She is situated on a big corner lot in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. 

She needed quite a work and we were up for the challenge. 
What we WEREN'T up for was the cold winters. 

So, here I am in Texas, living in my sweet little Rosebud Cottage where summer is (almost) year round.

She doesn't have a train track nearby, so no loooonnggg romantic whistles in the night, 
but what they say about Texas IS true - 

The stars at night, ARE, indeed big and bright....

(blouse: Steinmart, Jeans: Ralph Lauren, Boots: Justin
hair: Cruz at Studio 1514, Dallas TX)

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