Thursday, May 23, 2019

What's a flattering look for women of all shapes, sizes and AGES?

The off-shoulder look!
I have yet to see anyone this style did not flatter.
Howeverrrrr....I always shied away from them. 
Until now.....

Yesterday I was on my yearly dreaded bra shopping expedition (which I hate more than anything in the entire universe, next to rush hour traffic)
and thought 'well, since I'm already here for this torture' 
(not to mention expense)
I might as well do a fitting for a strapless one -
and voila!!!
It was love at first sight....I mean, first fit!

Seriously - if you are larger on top and think you can't find a strapless bra that supports and holds you up and in, then you need to march right down to Nordstrom and ask for the
Walcoat Strapless Bra.

(and notice almost a 5 star rating)

Yes, it's pricey, but it goes all the way up to size H
and I DARE you to jump and down once you have it on.
Honey, those babies won't budge, and you don't have to worry about it slipping down and those slipping out!

 For the first time in my adult triple D life I can NOW wear the off-shoulder tops I've always admired on others!

I know, I know sounds like a commercial doesn't it, but I promise you - cross my heart, hope to die - that I am receiving NO compensation. 

I'm just a happy girl happy to have her 'girls' under control.

Til next time....


Splenderosa said...

Love love love off-the-shoulder styles and agree that they are flattering to everyone, even those of us who prefer our upper arms were more UP. Love the outfit, and the commercial for the strapless bra, was it Walcoal?

chris said...

Great blog, fun photos, best of all I love you blog title!

wisps of words said...

Love your hair and your attitude.

Just wish you had continued blogging, as you were going to do, in your last post.


chris said...

Great article, great blogspace. Keep it up:)