Friday, November 22, 2019

So....I did a thang (no, not a typo...that's just how I talk)...

Right now I have soooooo many friends fighting the cancer battle. 
I promised an especially good friend that when it was time I'd shave my head right along side her, holding her hand.

She died before we had that chance and the day after her funeral I kept my promise.

I hate this stupid, freakin' disease.
There is not one family - not one person that has not been affected by it.

So, as Ms Senior United States, in honor of my friends I have made cancer awareness and support for families my platform.
I PROUDLY display my chrome dome in hopes that people will ask me about it and start a discussion. 

Instead, this is what has happened.
  I am now 'invisible.'
People avoid eye contact.
Oftentimes, I feel stares when I walk by (friends confirm this).
Once when I was out to lunch, a group of ladies kept looking at me and whispering among themselves - to their defense they thought they were being discreet - and not in the least little bit trying to be mean.
And the worst? 
The looks of sadness and sympathy.

I am a VERY confident so absolutely none of this bothers me in the lease for me personally.
But here's my question -
Is THIS what cancer patients go through?

I would really like to know....

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