Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Okay - no pictures up yet (soon!) but I'll go ahead and get the 'blog' rolling! As most of you all know our plans to buy the Bland farm adjacent to my parents fell through as we could not get our home sold here in the DC area. Yes, I was (am) heartbroken but If there is one thing I have learned is that God is really the one in control. Which is what keeps me from screaming, crying, and throwing a fit about the disappointment of it all. So, I thought if I can't go back to El Dorado Springs then I will create a way to stay in touch with all of my people there! Thus - Hillbilly Debutante came into creation. (Strange name, I know, but more about that at another time.)
Anyway, last year life was exciting - I was packing up my youngest, my horse and my hounds and headed to Eldo to live the peaceful, quiet country life of my dreams when lo and behold the real estate market folded and I could not sell my house. Which is doubly sad and insulting because I'm a realtor!!! What's up with that? As I've always done when life throws me lemons - I just make lemonade (why doesn't it throw us limes so we can make margaritas?) I decided to change my lifestyle (DRASTICALLY) to accomodate the way I WISH I was living (still with me?). Sooo, I created this blog as a way for all of us to stay in touch! So, until tomorrow - chow! Oops that's the redneck girl comin' out in me - it's supposed to be "until tomorrow - Cia!" (same redneck sound, but big-city high falutin' spelling)