Thursday, May 23, 2019

What's a flattering look for women of all shapes, sizes and AGES?

The off-shoulder look!
I have yet to see anyone this style did not flatter.
Howeverrrrr....I always shied away from them. 
Until now.....

Yesterday I was on my yearly dreaded bra shopping expedition (which I hate more than anything in the entire universe, next to rush hour traffic)
and thought 'well, since I'm already here for this torture' 
(not to mention expense)
I might as well do a fitting for a strapless one -
and voila!!!
It was love at first sight....I mean, first fit!

Seriously - if you are larger on top and think you can't find a strapless bra that supports and holds you up and in, then you need to march right down to Nordstrom and ask for the
Walcoat Strapless Bra.

(and notice almost a 5 star rating)

Yes, it's pricey, but it goes all the way up to size H
and I DARE you to jump and down once you have it on.
Honey, those babies won't budge, and you don't have to worry about it slipping down and those slipping out!

 For the first time in my adult triple D life I can NOW wear the off-shoulder tops I've always admired on others!

I know, I know sounds like a commercial doesn't it, but I promise you - cross my heart, hope to die - that I am receiving NO compensation. 

I'm just a happy girl happy to have her 'girls' under control.

Til next time....

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Just pondering....

I remember years ago when blogging first started we had no agendas.

We wrote about life and events and mostly used this format as a journal.
I miss those days. 
No pressure about the content.
No pressure about how many readers.

 I'm going to get back to that.
Just writing.
Putting my own thoughts on life, love, the world...
It's so much simpler this way and right now I am sooooo longing for simple.

I moved from the DC area to here to get back to 'simple' and I did good for a while.
But now I feel like I'm back in the rat race and that's the honest-to-goodness LAST place I wanna be.

Yes, I'll still write about fashion after 50, lifestyle, travel, etc. 
 But, I'm not going to worry about 'who' reads me.
Or if 'no one' reads me.
Writing is what I love, my art and I'm going to do it for ME.

Everyone should - and I hope you do - have that something that they love and they'd do no matter what.


Til Next Time....

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

The Lone Ranger...I mean 'blogger.'

I have been doing this here 'bloggin thing' for...oh, I'd say about 13 years now.

It started out as 'Hillbilly Debutante....Musings of a Country Girl Stuck in the City.'

But when I left the Washington DC area and moved back here to Texas, the 'stuck in the city' part didn't really work anymore.

So, I changed it to the current title "Adventures of an Aging Beauty Queen".

Truth is... I've been having so many adventures that I haven't made writing (on here, at least) a true priority. 

I have done quite a few speaking engagements and appearances with my Ms. Senior Texas title.

Me with Ari Seth Cohen, the author of 'Advanced Style' and the man who has single-handedly made it cool in this country to 'age.' I got to walk in the Dallas Advanced Style Fashion Show! What fun!

There have been book signings and various book clubs.

And then there's the NEW book I'm working on that I am VERY excited about. I can't give much away, but it's going to be a coffee table book in collaboration with famous Oklahoma photographer Shanna Johnson!

If we can stay on schedule we are hoping to go to publication in early 2020. 
More on that later!

I'll be going to Ms. Senior United States in Las Vegas the middle of June, and when I come back I plan on slowing waaayyy down.

More time at home. 
More time enjoying my family. 
More time HERE...with YOU.

What about you? What are your plans for the summer?
Are you staying home or traveling?
I'd love to hear about your current or upcoming adventures.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Answer to hair questions!

Nope. I don't color my hair. 
I stopped that about 7 years ago.
I got tired of the upkeep AND the expense.
So, I marched in to my hairstylist and had him give me a buzz cut.
I cried for 2 seconds and then thought,
''s just hair.'

I only have to wash it about twice a week and while it tends to grow 'straight up' on its own, I give it a little bit of help with 
'Got 2 Be Glued' products.

They're cheap and easy to find at Target, Walgreens, WalMart, CVS and most grocery stores. 
Also, here's a secret for getting the icky build-up from styling products.
Put baking soda in the palm of your hand and add enough water to make a paste. 
Rub the mixture through your hair and rinse. 
Shampoo and repeat. 
Voila - squeaky clean hair!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Happy Independence Day, Texas!

I have been in love with Texas for as long as I can remember.
Whether it was visiting family or driving through on our way to somewhere else, I ALWAYS envisioned myself living here.

Five and a half years ago while living in the Washington DC metro area, I got up one morning, threw some clothes in the front seat of my car, loaded up my black lab Sally, slipped in a Merle Haggard CD and ran off to Texas.

( Hensley photo credit)

When I crossed that State Line I cried.
Home at last.
Happy Independence Day, Texas.
The love affair continues.....