Friday, November 22, 2019

So....I did a thang (no, not a typo...that's just how I talk)...

Right now I have soooooo many friends fighting the cancer battle. 
I promised an especially good friend that when it was time I'd shave my head right along side her, holding her hand.

She died before we had that chance and the day after her funeral I kept my promise.

I hate this stupid, freakin' disease.
There is not one family - not one person that has not been affected by it.

So, as Ms Senior United States, in honor of my friends I have made cancer awareness and support for families my platform.
I PROUDLY display my chrome dome in hopes that people will ask me about it and start a discussion. 

Instead, this is what has happened.
  I am now 'invisible.'
People avoid eye contact.
Oftentimes, I feel stares when I walk by (friends confirm this).
Once when I was out to lunch, a group of ladies kept looking at me and whispering among themselves - to their defense they thought they were being discreet - and not in the least little bit trying to be mean.
And the worst? 
The looks of sadness and sympathy.

I am a VERY confident so absolutely none of this bothers me in the lease for me personally.
But here's my question -
Is THIS what cancer patients go through?

I would really like to know....

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Beth Dutton

Um....I'm guessing that Nancy probably is not a fan. 

'Thank you for your opinion' is my favorite reply for ugly comment-ers. It keeps me out of trouble and they usually move on to someone that will argue with them.

Further down a few well-meaning people commented on how my response exuded 'class.' 

WHOA - hold up there, Nelly -

Please do not confuse my desire to obey God  for 'class'.

That's right.

My willingness to obey God totally overrides my  overwhelming desire to tell Nancy where to go and what she can do to herself when she gets there - as well as the horse she rode in on.

Does that surprise you?
It shouldn't.
Words hurt.
  I am human.
So yes - my first inclination is to lash out.

But I take Matthew 7:12 pretty seriously....

'do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.'

Notice that Jesus doesn't say "treat others the way they treat you" -

Revenge? Getting even?
Don't even think about it.
'Vengeance is mine - not yours'...saith the Lord
 - so there's that.
(So no - you can NOT flip the middle finger to the driver of the Mack truck riding your tail while you're already going 7 and 1/2 miles over the speed limit. Sorry. And yes, I feel your pain I've had to glue my own hands to the steering wheel a few times).

With all that said....I saw this shirt at Canton First Mondays and it just seemed fitting for my week.

For those of you that don't know who 'Beth Dutton' is, she is a character on the hit show "Yellowstone."

If you look up 'MEAN' in the dictionary I am pretty dog-gone sure that Beth Dutton's picture would be right beside it.
Once she emasculated a rapist so bad that he couldn't get the job done. 
(I have to admit I loved her in that episode). the t-shirt says....

While I want so badly to be that 'ideal' woman described in Proverbs 31...
I think we all have a little bit of Beth Dutton in us, and I think that's okay as long as we know there is a proper time to unleash her -
like when someone is trying to steal your parking space.

Til next time....

Friday, November 1, 2019

Grandma Queen's don't live in Castles

Them: Since you're a Queen do you live in a Castle?

before my speaking engagement with the Quintilian Book club, Corsicana TX

Me: Oh no. No. I'm a Grandma Queen and Grandma Queen's never live in castles. I live in a cottage so when my grandchildren come over they can run and play and not have to worry about fancy things getting broken or furniture getting dirty. 

Them: How come you don't have any hair?

Me: (hesitant, because they're children, but seeing a great opportunity to talk about inclusion)
Because some of my friends are sick and they've lost their hair and I don't want them to feel left out. 

Them: Can we rub your head?

Me: (removing my big sparkly crown) You sure can!

The best part of being Ms. Senior United States is interacting with kids!


Thursday, October 31, 2019

Not a Halloween costume....just my outfit of the day

Had an appointment today with a wonderful young lady in Dallas that I HOPE will be my new publicist - fingers crossed.

Any-hoo, in the elevator after the meeting this very handsome young man started a conversation.

I'm thinkin' to myself  - oh yeah, this ol' ladies still got it.

When we get to the first floor he says,

"It was great talking to you. And by the way - 
LOVE your Halloween costume!

To which I replied.....

"Oh no, darling...I dress like this every day!"

We both had a good laugh and went our separate ways!

I have to admit - most of the time it is SO much fun being me.

I don't care if you're laughing AT me or laughing WITH me...
as long as I've brightened your day that's all that matters.


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Review of 'Downton Abbey' movie

Like most 'Downton Abbey' fans, my world came to an abrupt halt every Sunday evening as I stepped into the lovely world of Lord and Lady Grantham.

I so hated seeing the series end, but rejoiced (I might have jumped up and down like a little school girl!) when Julian Fellowes made the announcement of a MOVIE!!! YEA!!!

First of all, let me make a disclaimer, here: 

I am not one to cry or get emotional at movies.
With THAT said, I found myself near tears at the opening scene when an unseen drone captures Downton Abbey in all it's glorious splendor!

It's not a dreary scene like you see below, but a beautiful clear day as the morning sun gleams onto the castle.

From that moment on I was completely enthralled.
There was no 'outside' world.
No cares. No worries.
Just living and being inside that place and time.

It felt very much like going home after being away for a while.
The cast and characters are the same and it's as if you're seeing old friends that you haven't seen in years and yet when you do meet up again it's like you've not been apart at all.

Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess STILL delivers the best one-liners. 

Another little bit of trivia? 
Lady Bagshaw and Mr. Carson are married in real life!

No spoilers here!
It was made very clear in all the trailers that the gist of the movie would be a visit from the King and Queen and all the drama that surrounds that.

Yes, there is drama - but it's hilarious drama!

The only thing that really has you sitting on the edge of your seat is when Barrow finds himself in a mess-
however, it only leaves you anxious for a few moments before the problem is solved.

Folks, I seriously did NOT want this movie to EVER end.

Run - do not walk - to the theater to see this!

I give this 2 thumbs up!
Five stars!

Please let know me know what YOU think!