Friday, July 22, 2022

She thinks her sh*t don't stink......

Sometimes I feel like I'm living in some sort of Hallmark movie. You know the kind - girl moves away from hometown and then returns a few years later for some reason or another, finds love and they live happily ever after.

Of course, the story doesn't come without twists and turns before the protagonist reunites with an old sweetheart.  The town, at first apprehensive about the reason behind her return, finally welcomes her back and she lives happily ever after, amen.

So, my first thought was that since it's been 42 years and I'm no longer that 'fresh-faced ingenue', that settling into life here would be easy. I pose no threat to anyone. Still have the high school boyfriend, so don't have to worry about his current, clingy jealous girlfriend. And since I'm older, I'll easily slink into the wood work, re-kindle old friendships and relax on easy street.

 Okay - scratch that - I'm 59 years old and realize that nothing is ever easy....but still, this SHOULD be, right? 

After all, like I've told you before, I live on a secluded farm, but still close to town. It's truly a perfect place for writing, contemplating, planning, creativity. A perfect place to settle into my later years and after all these years of being a gypsy, put down roots.

Why oh why am I such a positive, hopeful person, when life's experience has taught me these qualities are not practical and especially not realistic?

Of course, gossip is always rampant in a small-town. I try very hard to not participate unless it is to say something good about someone:

(Doesn't Mary So and So look amazing with that new hairdo? And how about Bill So and So with that new promotion? Let's not forget Sally Sue - that girl always has been so talented)

But with me? Do people ever like to share the 'good' that they hear about me? 

Apparently, not. 

"I hear Kathie Truitt is back in town....she thinks her shit don't stink" (overheard from a business owner talking to one of their employees while their store was packed. You also need to know that I have no clue who this person is. Wouldn't know them if I saw them. Several of my customers overheard this)

"She (me) thinks she is better than everyone else." (I've had people tell me this to my face and I don't know what else to do to change that perception. I'm the friendliest person you'll ever meet. I don't care WHO you are, what you're wearing, what you drive, what your house looks like, everyone is treated with LOVE and respect, so I'm not sure where that is coming from? If you're reading and you 'see' this in me, please enlighten me so I can work on that).

My favorite though is when someone calls me a narcissist - people have relegated that term to me several times. Please keep in mind these are not people who hold a psychology degree. (For those of you wondering, my therapist - as in a real therapist that has actually has a doctorate from an ivy league college has assured me that I am NOT a narcissist).

What I AM is someone who has spent years working hard, perfecting my craft, building my brand and my network - ESPECIALLY my network. 

I am also confident. What people mistake as 'cockiness' or maybe even 'narcissism' is confidence.

Confidence comes from two things (at least for me): God, first and foremost - and second, age.

I'm 59. Will be 60 in 8 days. I've spent most of my adult life failing, getting back up, failing again, changing my strategy, still failing, and doing it over and over and over again until something 'takes.' 

Now, I am at the point that I don't even care if what I set out to do is successful or not. I truly don't! I have found it's the journey that matters.

If people would see the real me - and notice I said 'would' not 'could' because they CAN see me - I'm an open book --they'd see someone who has no fear.

I have no fear of failure.

I have no fear of  laughter and judgement if I DO fail or fall flat, 

I have one thing to say to you people who think you know me and it's this-

Hang around with me long enough and soon YOU, too, will be thinking that YOU can do anything and be anything you set your mind to!

Even though I'm getting ready to wrap my 50's - I am learning once again that life is not, has never been and never will be a Hallmark movie.

And as for 'putting down roots', I'm not even sure what that means. But I am trying to live each and every day to its fullest, not think too much about or plan too much for the future, but to find the joy in every single day. 

I will be honest that right now I am finding that most difficult - but I find it easier to cope with this little space right here that I use to type out my thoughts

And if you're reading this - which you aren't because no one reads these things anymore (thanks to social media), I hope you'll check in from time to time, because boy do I have a lot more to tell you....

For instance, the bench. Trust me, you'll want to hear about this stupid bench, mixed with my creativity has ruined my life - but it's for another time.


Saturday, July 16, 2022

It will be interesting to see who (if anyone) follows on my journey

                                                        'This will never work."

"You're wasting your time and money."

"This town will never go for this."

"This place will never be a destination."

Yet, here i am. 

Two months in.

Proving the naysayers wrong day after day.

It's not easy, but then again nothing worth having ever is.

The days are long - which would explain my absence from here the past few months.

I don't really know how long I'll do this  - the shop, that is.

Not because it's not working, but because I am not as young as I think I am. 

I'm exhausted, but in a good way.

I do want to keep a record of everything that happens, so I've decided to use my blog for that.

I already have some amazing stories since opening The Hillbilly Debutante Mercantile and Pie Shoppe and I'll share them as often as I can.

I don't think people really read blogs anymore, so I'm not trying to gain momentum by being here, but I very much enjoy writing and documenting my experiences, so I'll just do it for me.

If someone happens to follow along, that's great.

If not, that's fine, too.

Sunday, March 27, 2022

Signs of Spring on the HD Farm

Spring has sprung here on 
The Hillbilly Debutante Farm.
Charlotte, the miniature donkey - and a farm favorite -demands the most attention.
Every time I walk outside she brays up a storm until I come over and love on her. 
This particular day I gave in to her big time and brought out a blanket with a good book and a bottle of wine.
 No, I didn't drink the whole bottle 
(I know what you're thinking).
I also brought out a bottle of bubbles - yes, I'm a six year old. 
Charlotte was not impressed - she ran away as soon as the bubbles touched her nose.

We love farm fresh eggs, as you can tell.
Believe it or not, we went through these in less than a week. 
(I do a lot of baking).

Daffodils are poking up 

and these little gems, too. 
Anyone know what they are?

It's still too chilly to plant the garden, but we did plant strawberries. 

 I also put fairy lights on some of the trellises and plotted out my flower gardens and outdoor seating areas. 
I planned my outside summer fetes, picnics and galas - drew out my guest list and seating arrangements in my head.
Planned the menu.

When I went to market last week to shop for the mercantile I bought 2 of everything. 
One for the shop.
One for me.

Yes, spring has definitely sprung
Now, if only the temperatures would cooperate.

Coming May 3rd....

 It has been a major adjustment returning to our hometown after 42 years. 

Not gonna lie...after all those years in big cities, and the last year living on a tropical island on a beach, to a secluded farm in the middle of nowhere near a town of barely 3300 has been tough.

So, I did a thing. 

I decided to open a store based on my novel 

"The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe"

It's even going to be located in the building in the same town where the story takes place.

I'll have clothing, jewelry, accessories, home decor, furniture, candles, Amish canned goods, coffees, bumper stickers, tea towels, mugs, soaps. 

But the best thing is I will also have a pie bar. 

The bar will seat 6 -8 people, and then I'll have 2 tables. A slice of pie (with ice cream) and then a choice of coffee, iced tea (sweet or unsweet) or soft drink.

'The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe' is my second novel and is currently a finalist in the 'Screencraft' competition.

Angel Christo, one of the directors of my first movie, is the screenwriter. We find out results April 20th.

Either way - being a finalist is a pretty big deal and I feel truly honored!

Anyway, projected store opening date is 

Tuesday, May 3rd.

 I'm almost finished with my 3rd novel 

'Murder in the Mercantile' 

which is part two in the Hillbilly Debutante' series.

Opening a business - especially in a small downtown that was once thriving and is now dead - is no easy feat. 

People think I am crazy and sometimes even I wonder if I am. 

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

I've always wondered what it would be like to bring the fictional business I created in my mind for my book to actual fruition.

I've had soooo many people tell me this will never work.

That no one will ever want to come to this town or that this town won't support a business like this.

I even had a friend tell me a few weeks ago that I was wasting my time and money - that not one person would step through the door.

Well, he's wrong - I know at least my mom and dad will come. That's two people, so there!


Friday, March 11, 2022