Sunday, March 27, 2022

Signs of Spring on the HD Farm

Spring has sprung here on 
The Hillbilly Debutante Farm.
Charlotte, the miniature donkey - and a farm favorite -demands the most attention.
Every time I walk outside she brays up a storm until I come over and love on her. 
This particular day I gave in to her big time and brought out a blanket with a good book and a bottle of wine.
 No, I didn't drink the whole bottle 
(I know what you're thinking).
I also brought out a bottle of bubbles - yes, I'm a six year old. 
Charlotte was not impressed - she ran away as soon as the bubbles touched her nose.

We love farm fresh eggs, as you can tell.
Believe it or not, we went through these in less than a week. 
(I do a lot of baking).

Daffodils are poking up 

and these little gems, too. 
Anyone know what they are?

It's still too chilly to plant the garden, but we did plant strawberries. 

 I also put fairy lights on some of the trellises and plotted out my flower gardens and outdoor seating areas. 
I planned my outside summer fetes, picnics and galas - drew out my guest list and seating arrangements in my head.
Planned the menu.

When I went to market last week to shop for the mercantile I bought 2 of everything. 
One for the shop.
One for me.

Yes, spring has definitely sprung
Now, if only the temperatures would cooperate.

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