Prairie Godmother

Allow me to re-introduce myself if you're new here.

this is me.....
Kathie Truitt

 aka....The Hillbilly Debutante, although I've recently thought about changing it to 
'The Prairie Godmother.'

You see, while I'm an author, speaker and influencer/encourager and advocate for women over 50....
I'm most famous for.....
drum roll please....


Yep. I have a whole collection of them. 
Pink. Black. White. Green.
I wear them a lot. 
They are not 'tucked away' for a special occasion for every day is a special occasion. (See? Don't you think I look like a prairie godmother?)
Speaking of prairie....

I live on a small farm on miles and miles and miles of just that. Prairie owned by state conservation department. I don't have to worry about a shopping mall, or apartment complex, or even another farm house going in across the road from me.

So, there you go...."Prairie Godmother" seems appropriate, doncha think?

While the sunrise is hidden by one of the forest-covered hills, the sunSET shows up every evening in all its glorious splendor. 

Every single night God shows off his artistry in our western sky. It is truly amazing. 

We have cattle. 

Soon we will have chickens and ducks and oh! Don't forget the pond full of fish.

I hang my clothes on the line for that fresh-air smell.

There's always time for long walks...

or a quick baseball game...

I bake my own bread. 
Make my own butter.
Make our meals from scratch.

Sounds perfect, huh?

And it is....unless you're an extreme extrovert. And if you're an extreme extrovert like this get so lonely.

Which is why I'm here...writing this blog.

YOU are my lifeline. YOU are my link to the outside world. 

I'm sure that 'magic' that used to be my life is still out there...I just need to figure out a way to capture it waaaaayyyy out here on the prairie.

I hope you'll drop in from time to time.



Thanks for your invaluable advice and expertise
AuntieC said…
I just finished your book,Hillbilly Debutante Cafe. I loved it. I
I'm from NaVayDah and it was great fun reading about the familiar places in Eldo.Looking forward to your next book!

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