Thursday, March 3, 2022

Can you believe it's March?!?
I have absolutely no excuse for not writing other than 
laziness, plain and simple. 

First of all, I hate winter and it contributes 1,000% to my laziness.

                                                Willow watching it snow on the prairie

That seasonal depression is real and it didn't help that we were ill prepared. We donated all of our winter clothes to charity before we moved to the Puerto Rico, sooooo needless to say we have been cccooold.

The only coat I have and I mean the ONLY one?
A long mink.
Yep, I have been feeding farm animals and mucking stalls in a fur coat.
Our ancestors sure knew what they were doing when they used animal fur to make coats.
Not one drift of wind penetrates that coat. So, the mink with a ski cap and leather gloves and it's not all that bad.
But still....I know I look kinda weird doing farm work in a mink coat. 
I don't care - I'm warm.


Lillian and Willow, on the other hand don't care what the weather is - they are  loving their new life.

The girls enjoying a 76 degree day today

Do NOT let their cuteness fool you. 
They are always up to something and it's usually no good.

They've been sprayed by a skunk, not once, but TWICE this week.

For the record, tomato juice is WORTHLESS - unless you're making a Bloody Mary - because it does NOTHING to get rid of the skunk smell.
Yeah, all those stories about bathing dogs in tomato juice when they've encountered a skunk - all lies. 
(Baking soda mixed with dish soap WORKS).

Before we moved to this farm we stayed at my mother in laws farm.

She had 22 outdoor cats.
When we left she had 9.

Lillian and Willow - guilty.

We inherited 3 cats when we moved to our farm.
2 of them ran away and found a home at the farm just south of us.

But one brave cat stayed. 

She is pitch black with the most beautiful green eyes.
Her name is Blackie.

(showdown at the OK corral)

This here, my friends, is a stare down.
Cue western music.
Blackie is daring Lillian to come after her. 
(she is very close to shelter, so she's not in danger)
Anyway, I was so proud of Lillian. When I thought she'd charge after Blackie, I'd say,
"No, Lillian. We need cats here. Let's not chase her.'
She did sooo well and then SHAZAM! - Willow bounds out from nowhere and of course then Lillian just had to give in to peer pressure.

It's okay - Blackie made it safety. 

We'll start the coaching process again tomorrow.

Pray for Blackie. 


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