Wednesday, December 22, 2021

News from the Farm

Things have been absolutely crazy hectic here. 

All of our belongings arrived from Texas to the 

Little House on the Prairie

a week ago so I have been unpacking and trying to figure out how to fit 3200 square feet of belongings into 1200.


We have downsized.

I'm not eager to show you the interior until I have everything sorted and put away, but here are some of our sights from the outside:

We are waiting for our 'Little House on the Prairie' sign.

I spend almost every evening with my hiny parked here on the bench watching the bright, brilliant sunsets.

I spend a lot of time wandering around my future garden, dreaming of spring planting and summer vegetables.

We rescued this little girl -

and named her Charlotte.

In the meantime we also celebrated 40 years of marriage and can you believe that during the celebration we didn't get any pictures of us toghether??? I'm so mad!!

What were we thinking?

I guess we weren't - we were having too much fun seeing friends we haven't seen in so long.

But I do have a great picture of me with my son.

It's an awful picture of me, but I love it because his smile is so beautiful. 

We were looking forward to a house full of little ones that week, but one of my daughters little ones broke a leg, so they weren't able to join us.

It was disappointing because as you know, that time together is oh, so precious.

I know some of you are scratching your head about the last post.

More on THAT next time.


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