Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peapod is a Girl!!!

Meet the beautiful Sophia Floriana T......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

An Apology, please!

I hate politics.

Y'all know that, already, though, don't you?


Now that an arrest is imminent in the Chandra Levy case, when is the media going to apologize to Gary Condit for 'convicting' him of the crime, along with ruining his life and career?

Just curious!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hair today is gone tomorrow!

Hubby and I have been famous at one time or another for several things, but hair, unfortunately, is not one of them. We both have very baby-fine, flat dead hair, which isn't so bad for Honey, because men, for the most part don't care one way or another.

As for me? I should own stock in Redken or White Rain. Shoot, it's just easier to keep my hair short, although I did promise myself that this year, I wouldn't cut it til July just to see if I could have long hair, if I really really tried. Hmm. Stay tuned.

On the other hand, our youngest offspring, has hair 'to die for.' It's nice, thick and just a bit coarse. He loves to wear it long so when he plays sports it 'blows in the wind'. He has such great hair that while it blows back with every movement as soon as he stops it comes to a complete halt and goes back into place perfectly.

At 14 he's pretty picky, so he's careful to instruct Taj, our family stylist, as soon as he sits down in the chair to 'just trim it a little.' So, imagine my shock when I am having a conversation with the boy, my back turned cooking dinner and I turn to make eye contact with him THIS is what I see!!

Look Mom! No hair!
He and a friend decided to get their heads shaved in honor of someone they know that has cancer.

This is my heart bursting with pride!

"Pearls and Grace" Live Event
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I am pleased to annouce
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Monday, February 9, 2009

One Happy Hillbilly House!

I have the best husband! Every single day that man not only tells me how much he loves me (he even randomly calls me up during the day to tell me, then about an hour later I'll get a text saying "I love you!"). He also tells me on a daily basis that he thinks I'm beautiful. Now, we all like to hear that mushy stuff, don't we gals?

But do you know what he tells me that I really, really love? I mean this melts my heart like a stick o' butter on the hood of a Chevy truck at noon during the 4th of July picnic....

Are ya ready for this? Here it goes: "You're a good Homemaker." Oh, be still my heart!!

No, seriously. He could say, "Kathie, yer as ugly as home made soap, but by golly, you sure do bake a mean meatloaf!" or "Boy Howdy, that's the best peach cobbler I've ever tasted!"

However, since I've been hunched over the computer for the last few weeks finishin' the book, he's had to cook his own meals (and that ain't pretty), do his own laundry (no man should have to wash his own drawers), and clean the house (Pledge is for polishin' the furniture, not the stairs - AAAhhh! bomp, bomp bomp!)

So, this weekend while he and Will were at a basketball game, I cleaned the house until it was spic-n-span.

I tossed a cornish hen in the oven to bake, so the smell would hit 'em upside the head as soon as he walked in the front door...

Later that afternoon, while he was takin' a nap, I whipped up his favorite cookies - Snickerdoodles.

I am not lyin'. He was one happy hillbilly. (Ahem, sorry, he prefers 'cowboy'.)

I'd like to tell ya that I worked like a dog all mornin' to get 'r done, however, as you can see by the pictures, at our house 'workin' like a dog' is an oxymoron!!

Violet and her mornin'nap

Violet and her afternoon nap

Mommy, please stop vacuuming. I'm tryin' to sleep!

I don't care if you're trying to carry a basket load of laundry. You can step over me.

Yes! Finally! Mom gets up to get a drink and I can claim my rightful spot.

Since she hasn't shaved her legs since spring, Dad will never notice the difference.

Yep! Things are finally back to normal around here.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


This is me signing the publishing contract for my book.

I don't know what else to say. I am incredibly humbled by this opportunity and am so grateful to God.
I will keep you posted as the process goes along. I am sure I'll have lots of rewrites that will keep me busy. And I'll let you know what happens every step of the way, and of course I'll let everyone know when it's about to be released. At this point I'm even hesitant to tell you what I decided to title it as my editor may decide I need to change it. But whatever happens, at this point I'll bring you along every step of the way.