Friday, May 29, 2009

Real Housewives of DC...

As soon as the announcement came that there would be a "Real Housewives of DC", my facebook message board and e-mail went crazy!
Would I audition? A very loud and re-sounding NO! Do I know any of the ladies they've auditioned? Oh, yeah! Do I know who will be on the show? No, but I do have an 'inkling.' (I can't wait to see if I'm right).
I did promise you, though, that I'd reveal my personal picks for the show, should Bravo call and ask. (They haven't. Yet.)
So, are you ready? Drumroll, please.

My very first pick would be ....

Jaci Reid

Don't let this beautiful face and fabulous figure fool you! Jaci's true beauty comes from within. This woman has a heart (and clothing budget) as big as her native Texas.

The most fascinating thing about Jaci is that she is an international player. She is too big to be compartmentalized to Washington. As a matter-of-fact, Jaci and her husband Morris don't even show up on the antiquated "A-List" of old money DC that Washington Life magazine compliles each year. Big deal. She doesn't need it. She's too busy entertaining 'Sting', and the rest of Hollywood and the music industry to care.

Morris and Jaci Reid

This isn't just rumor. I've experienced one of Jaci's star-studded parties. I've never seen so many superstar's in one room. Sting, Susan Sarandon, Tim Daly, Josh Lucas, Anne Hathaway, Dana Delaney (speaking of Desparate Housewives), and I could go on and on... you get my drift.

Before I wrap up my lovefest on Jaci I want to point out another reason she would be awesome on the show. Besides her killer wardrobe - I always tell her I'm going to kidnap her and hold her ransom for her shoes - she also has a home in the Hamptons. You know what that means? She could make the occasional guest appearance on the Real Housewives of New York.

Here's a footnote before I go on to my next pick: Morris gave me permission to divulge this little secret. Bravo actually did ask Jaci to do both New York and DC.

In true Jaci style, she politely declined. Because just like Washington's rusty, crusty, old A-List, the girl doesn't need it.

My next pick isn't a housewife, but hey

Move over, Bethanny. Meet Ashley Taylor.

If OC, Atlanta, and New York can have the token single girl then we can, too!

Although, I've never seen nor met Ashley Taylor, she is very much a personality/celebrity in the Georgetown Scene. You'd be hard-pressed to pick up a paper or magazine in the DC metro area without seeing Ashley splashed across the pages, in either a fashion layout, or posing for photographers at events. Whether she is dancing the night away with the Jete Society or chairing events with the up-and-coming set, you never see Ashley without that megawatt smile. The fact that she is always on the town and always fabulously dressed would make her a fun addition to DC Housewives in and of itself.

Add to the mix that she was until very recently engaged to DC's most eligible bachelor -millionaire bachelor - a man over 30 years her senior and voila! it becomes real interesting.

If Ashley came on board, she'd be amongst the ranks of Ramona and Kelly of the New York Housewives. No, not because she's wild-eyed crazy (i.e. Ramona) or has an over inflated ego (i.e. Kelly), which those who know her say she is absolutely neither. It just so happens that Ashley works as a jewelry designer with her famous grandmother, Ann Hand, pictured with Ashley's grandfather, Lloyd Hand, on the right.

Before I reveal my next choice of Housewife I need to clarify something to those of you that do not live here. With the exception of Ashley and Jaci, these other women will come from the outlying areas. First of all, most of the very wealthy live in places like McLean, VA, Potomac, MD, Alexandria, VA. and Great Falls, VA. The wealthy, 'horsey' people that this area is known for live in Middleburg, Virginia, a small village about 30 miles outside of DC. Think rolling hills of Britain, foxhunting, Jackie Kennedy and you've got Middleburg to a 't'.

horse farm in Middleburg, Virginia

You absolutely can not have the Real Housewives of DC and not include someone from the Middleburg scene.

So, with that said, allow me to introduce to you my third pick for the Housewives of DC, Robin Keys.

Robin lives in a lovely historic home, once owned by the DuPont family, on a beautiful farm several miles outside of Middleburg. Robin and her husband Gordy are avid foxhunters and ride with the Piedmont Hunt. Going to her home is always a treat because it's just so peaceful. The first thing I do when I get out of the car is take a deep breath and take in the fragrance of the horses, and fresh country air.

Yes, Robin's lifestyle would definitely add a fresh element to the mix of housewives.

We're almost done here, so bear with me.
My next pick is for purely selfish reasons. Washington, DC, has often been known as (horrors!) the ugly capital of the nation.

Well, I'll have those naysayers know that we've had at least one Miss USA and one Mrs. America. And since this is the Real Housewives and I've already picked the single girl already, I would pick Laurett Arenz, Mrs. America 2002.

I love this woman. I haven't talked to her in a while, so part of me wonders if maybe she is actually on the show. It would make sense, plus she's always being asked to do things similar. The other part of me says 'no way', she'd never agree to this. She is so incredibly nice that she wouldn't last 2 seconds with the likes of people that Bravo normally picks for the Housewives shows.

Laurett has a million, kazillion, kids. Okay, I'm probably exaggerating, but she does have about a half a dozen, and she handles her brood much, much better than Alex and Simon manage their two. And all the while looking glamorous. Take that haters!

My final choice is one of my dearest friends, Pat Skantze. In the DC social scene , she is THE Queen. Everyone adores this woman.

Yes, I know none of the Housewife shows have featured anyone over 50 and I think that's too bad.
In this youth obsessed, young starlet-crazed world we live in, Pat (on the left) epitomizes what we, as women, should hope to be like to as we get older. She forgets her age and just LIVES. She is truly an inspriation and great role model for us younger gals
Pat is famous in the city for always donning a hat. You never see her without one. As a matter of fact, she has over 250 custom made just for her.

Add Image

And although I have known her for 8 years I don't know her exact age, and would never dream of asking her. (She is a former runner-up in the Miss Alabama pageant)

What I do know is that she is considered by many to be the most glamorous woman in town. She is always meticulously turned out from head to toe. When she walks into the room, everything stops. People who know her rush to her side. I've seen people wait in line to talk to her.

Men stop whatever they are doing to hold doors open, get her a drink. And yes, I'm talking young men, as well as old men and every age in between.

Pat oozes charm and class. I've watched her treat the busboy and valet with the same respect and kindness that most people reserve for Heads of State and Ambassadors.

She is very much sought after as a Chairperson for many events and galas. I've had the privilege of working with Pat on several of these, as well as serve on the Women's Committee of the Washington Ballet. Every one knows that if they want a successful, prosperous event that Pat is the perfect chair. Why? Because no one can say 'no' to her.

Now, wouldn't you agree that Pat would be a perfect addition to the 'cast'? What better person to teach young women that they can be young, vital and beautiful all of their lives.

I must admit that Pat is my favorite pick. She is proof that their really is life after 45!

So, there you have it. My list for the 'perfect cast' of the Real Housewives of DC.

Imagine the money raised, the good deeds done, the random acts of kindness and general positive influence that the world could see if these ladies were put to the test. For once, just once, the nation would get to see hardworking women who get along, working for positive issues and the greater good, instead of what they see on the evening news that normally comes out of Washington.

But alas, that doesn't sell. Instead it's the back-biting, tantrum-throwing, every word bleeped out that makes for 'good' television.

You'd never,ever, see Pat Skantze or Jaci Reed withdraw their hand from someone, as 'low' as a chauffer and demand to be called Mrs. Somebody (ala the 'Countess' on New York Housewives). Because fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, all of the above ladies have way too much class to make for 'good television.'

Who would YOU like to see on the show if Housewives was coming to YOUR town?

Thursday, May 28, 2009


I know y'all have heard that Bravo's "Real Housewives" are coming to DC! My next post will be the women I think Bravo should seriously consider!
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Look where I ended up Sunday afternoon after trying, unsuccessfully, to get through writer's block. (Hmmm, whatever did Jane Austin do when she suffered? I wonder.)

Anyway, since I've lost weight and am still losing, I was in dire need of pants that don't fall down around my ankles.

Lucky for me, the above cafe capri's were on sale, so I bought a black pair and a kaki pair. Earlier this year, I found a pair of Ralph Lauren navy capri's, so now I'm set for the summer.

These cute little striped numbers (above) are for my preppy side. I love their nautical look and they are fairly comfortable.

If I want to look a little more va-voom, but still be preppy, I'll don these babes,

Disclaimer: These are strictly when I'm being dropped off at an event, and all I'm expected to do is sit and 'look pretty.' Otherwise, 'ouch!'

But, when I want to show the hillbilly side, I break out these babies!

Honestly, I know you don't care what I'm wearing. It's just that I have to finish these re-writes and I desparately needed a break. As soon as I'm done and send it back to the publisher, I am taking a vacation!

Now, back to the grindstone....

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The winner is...drum roll, please!!

I have no clue how to use the Random Number Generator. So, instead I called on my favorite IT guy, Jonathan to pick the winning name. And now, the moment we've all been waiting for......

Allie in G'town!!

Congratulations, Allie! I hope you'll enjoy "Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler" as much as I did.

Please e-mail me with your address, or you're welcome to stop by my office and pick it up anytime you like. Uh...please don't let the crazed picture above scare you. I'm fun-loving and silly, but not crazy, providing you don't count the time my friends and I stole Widow Jones' outhouse and put in in the middle of Main Street and set in on fire. And really, I shouldn't even count as being a part of all that, 'cause all I did was drive the pickup.

Allie's blog is "Summer is A Verb" ( It's one of my favorites and I know you'll like her, too. Stop in and see her and leave a comment. But prepared to stay a while. It's one of 'those' blogs. You know what I mean - you start reading it and the next thing you know it's 8:00 pm and everyone wants to 'know where dinner is', and 'what have you done today? anything? 'cause this place is a mess.' Hmm Mmm. Allie's place is definitely a guilty pleasure. Enjoy!

A very big thank you to everyone who entered. I appreciate all of you and I LOVE reading your comments.

Now, it's time for me to hunker down and get these re-writes finished. Have a wonderful weekend.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Confessions of a Diva Handler - GIVEAWAY!

I just finished "Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler", an autobiography written by Wade Rouse. This was a hilarious (sometimes sad) book about mean girls grown up. The title hits the proverbial nail directly on the head.

It was a very easy read, and gave me the much needed break I needed while I am doing re-writes on "False Victim."

While reading I am thinking, 'I wouldn't put up with these diva's for a minute.' However, the more I thought about it, I realized I have been doing just that for most of my life.

As a matter of fact, I think it's safe to say, that I, Kathie Truitt, am a certified "Diva Handler."

It started in High School. I was always the 'plain best friend' of several of the girls that always made the 'most beautiful' list. Were they mean girls? No. Divas? Oh, yeah.

Dee is the most memorable because she was the leader of the pack. She wore full makeup in 5th grade. I'm talking foundation and the whole kit and kaboodle. At 16 she had the best cars, the best clothes, the best of everything. If there was a song on the radio that she liked it was 'her' song and we couldn't as much as hum the tune. We weren't allowed to have a boyfriend until she okay'd him first. Meaning if she didn't think he was cute then we could have him. Did I mention that she also had a drug problem? Still does. One time, Honey and I had arranged for a local doctor to write out a 'free pass' for her to go to rehab. Yes, I said 'free.' As in 'no money', no cost to her. She refused. I was the one she always called when when their was a crisis. Her brother died. Her marriage ended. She always wanted me to have 'answers' which were impossible for me to have. Her 'neediness' continued but she wouldn't accept any help to get over her drug and alcohol use. Finally, the next time she called, I refused.

She wasn't the only diva friend. Not by a long shot. I never really had a boyfriend because everytime I would like someone I would always walk away because one of my friends would suddenly become interested. One boy I turned down week after week after week. Girlfriend spotted me talking with boy in the hallway and quickly informed me boy was hers. I continued to turn him down. Boy was persistent. He finally resorted to showing up at my house. I finally gave in and dated him. Boy and I have now been married for 27 years. (Girlfriend did move on and marry someone else, but she's still not real friendly.)

So, if you're a regular reader you know up until about 2 years ago, my career was in the entertainment industry. You name them, I've probably hosted them, interviewed, scheduled them or at least met them. No diva stories there. As a matter of fact, I have many wonderful, funny stories I could always do in another post if you like. But thankfully, no bad experiences.

Working with the Miss America and the Miss USA and Mrs. America systems have also been pleasant experiences as long as its the contestants. Yes, the contestants and the title holders are incredible. The divas in that atmosphere were mostly backstage. I almost had to break up a fist fight between the Master of Ceremonies and the choreographer one year - right before the curtain went up!

The following year I was the MC and that same choreographer had been fired. He still attended the pageant. He snuck in without buying a ticket and heckled the contestants from the stage the whole night! Not only was he a high maintenance jerk, but he was incredibly demanding. He wanted fresh flowers in his hotel room, a certain kind of bottled water, blah, blah, blah. Years later, Aimee, a former Miss Missouri USA, called me and said 'Quick! turn on the television. L is on! It's a pageant reality show and he's the coach!'

I was a comedian at a music theatre in the late 80's to early 90's. I also happened to be the emcee, and two very pretty young ladies were the lead singers. The show was broadcast every weekend and these two singers, of course were the main attraction. I was the emcee and backup singer, but most of my routine was done as a filler in between commercial breaks. After the show was done, it was these ladies whom the crowd would line up to see for autographs and pictures. No problem - such is the life of the funny girl. Except, these two were so jealous. I never understood that. They were the ones that got to sing, wear the glamorous clothes and look pretty. Finally, I was told to write a few on-liners and short skits to include them. After that, everything was fine. They pulled their 'diva claws' back in.

For one year, I managed a modeling agency in DC/New York. Oh. My. Goodness. Never again. NEVER. AGAIN. The men were the worse. One time I took a male model on an audition. I had my daughter with me and this guy was being flirtatious to the point of being obnoxius. It was an old story - most of the male models were like this. Rachael was furious until I explained to her that he was acting this way in hopes of gaining favor over the others.
The girls had their own problems. I was constantly getting phone calls from either an upset client over a model being late, the wrong size, wrong hair color, etc. One young lady had a habit of showing up only when and if she wanted to. I fired her at one point, but she was so beautiful that clients would beg to give her one more chance (yes, I know sometimes life isn't fair). I have never in my days been given another chance because I was 'so beautiful', have you?
One girl had a particular problem with weight gain. When I went to New York I unlocked the door to the girls dorms and the smell of 'weed' slapped me right in the face. Duh! Pot is not only illegal, but it revves up the appetite as well. I prompltly sent her "two sizes too big hips" back home to Canada.
The most memorable, though, was when I was out of town and a model couldn't get hold of me and she kept calling Jay asking - no demanding he give her permission for hair extensions.

My problems weren't with just with the models. There was one particular designer that was very, very eccentric. He lived in a mansion in Baltimore that must have been absolutely exquisite at one point, but was so rundown now that is was downright creepy. He would always ask the girl he was working with at the moment to marry him. Of course everyone thought he was joking, so this model playfully told him of course she'd marry him. Well, guess who had to do damage control when he was announcing their engagement to world?
Of course, Diva's aren't just relegated to the Fashion and Entertainment Industry. I now work someplace that has nothing to do with either, but yet the diva factor stands at 95% - which, honestly, is higher than any place I've ever stepped foot in.
I am not as adept at "Diva Handling" as I used to be. Which is not good. Probably because I am not as patient as I used to be. Which is also not good.
Or maybe it's because I'm enough of a Diva in my own right, that I think it's my turn
Hmm, now that's a thought.
Now, darling, could you please get me a glass of iced tea, sweet, no lemon, crushed ice, not cube, and in a crystal.....
I am giving away "Confessions of a Prep School Mommy Handler"! If you want to be entered in the drawing, just leave a comment...I'd love to hear your 'Diva handling' stories!!!!
(I'll be doing the drawing on Thursday)

Confessions of a "Diva" Handler and a giveaway coming soon!