Monday, October 26, 2009

Dear Santa....

Yes, I know it's a little early to start taking requests. But, I thought I better get an early start. (If I know my good buddy Allie over at Summer is a Verb, she has been working on her wish list since December 26th of last year.)

Okay, Santa, if you get closer to the computer screen and squint your eyes you can see the delicate little necklace that Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece is wearing. I'd love to have that. Actually, I have a necklace similar to this. I'd just like to have a shorter chain. Oh, and another child figurine as well (for Sophia).
Any chances you can make me have hair just like Marie-Chantals?

I didn't think so.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Book Synopsis revealed....

For all you spoiled babies who think you can't wait until closer to release date, I'm going to give in to you. I still thinks it's a little too early. After all, it's not being released until Spring. But you all have been with me since I first put pen to paper. You've listened to me whine when I had writer's block and was sending out to agents and publishers. You went 'hooray' when I finally did find someone. So, this little preview is just for you.

Julie Patterson, a former Miss Mississippi with a successful husband and two adoring children lives a lavish lifestyle most women only dream about. Life becomes even more idyllic when her husband Tom receives a much anticipated promotion to Washington, DC. Soon, the Patterson's American Dream turns into a nightmare when a neighborhood friend turns out to be a psychotic stalker and mind manipulator that won't rest until she destroys Julie. False Victim is a gripping tale of lies, deception and betrayal and one woman's quest to hold her family together, while struggling to keep her faith intact and her sanity from slipping. A fast-paced psychological, edge of your seat thriller, False Victim will haunt you long after you've finished reading it.
And yes, it's based very, very, and I mean VERY heavily on a true story.
Ta ta for now!

Monday, October 19, 2009

I Got Nothin'!

I appreciate everyone's e-mails wondering where I've been. I just don't have anything to say or talk about right now. Hard to believe, huh?
I really don't like posting about decorating. Although some of my favorite blogs are about decorating - I love "Romantic Home" blog and "Old Centennial Farmhouse", but that's not my writing style.
I refuse to write about 'what I'm wearing.' I wouldn't even dream of thinking that you care one way or another about what I have on. Trust me, my wardrobe is not that great. Uh, especially since I accidentally gave away some of my favorite pieces to Goodwill - Yikes!
Although I 've been a bad blogger I haven't been sitting idly by. I'm into the 3rd Chapter of my next book and production starts on "False Victim" in a few weeks.
I do have a lot of exciting things that have been happening and they've been happening real fast.
But I still need to wait a few more weeks before I can tell you about it.
I'm truly blessed to have such wonderful, positive readers. And while I might jinx myself by saying this, in the whole year and a half I've been blogging I've only had one semi-negative comment.
Please stay with me and I'll take you on this crazy ride with me!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Missouri on the farm...

Takin' a few days off, inhaling the fresh country air, catching up with old friends, and savoring the sweet smell of cow/horse manure...
It's a country thing....if you don't get it, you just don't get it.
Headed home tomorrow - see ya then..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Welcome to Rodeo Princess!!

This pretty girl is Sydney.

This is Sydney, her Daddy, (whom I only know in the blog world as 'Poloist') and her new horse 'Stormi'.
I've been following 'Poloists' blog for quite some time ("Consortium of Gentleman Farmers") and just recently I noticed he had pictures of he and his daughter at a rodeo. I assumed, quite naturally that since Poloist and his family live on a farm that his daughter must have a horse. He informed me that she did not.
I then chuckled to myself and wrote a quick note: "I predict that before this year is out, your daughter will be the proud of owner of a horse."
I love it when I'm right.
Not only does Sweet Sydney have a new horse, but she also has a new blog. Please visit Syndney and leave her a line or two welcoming her to the blog world. As you can see, I've added her to my blog list to the right.
Hugs, kisses and best of luck to you Sydney. I can't wait to read about more of your adventures.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Metro Etiquette, that is....
I'd never ridden a subway before I moved to Washington, DC. Scratch that. I think I rode it once in London. Anyhoo, the metro, as we call it here in the Nation's Capitol, (because 'subway' just doesn't sound classy) is the cleanest and safest of anywhere in the country, if not the world.

Wow. Mark this day on your calendar. I have found something positive to say about this place. And Hades hasn't even frozen over. Hand me a Kleenex - I think I'm going to cry...

Okay, back to the point...I've had to ride the metro a lot lately, and I've come up with a (short) list of things that needed to be added to the Metro Etiquette List. Yes, there is such a thing. For instance, 'I'm a tourist and don't know where the heck I'm goin' but ain't it fun to ride this here underground railroad' passengers stay to the right. (I am NOT mocking you. I've been you, trust me.) This frees up the left lane for the 'I'm in a hurry and wouldn't stop to pee on you if you were on fire' crowd to rush like a scalded dog to their next appointment. But, I have a few of my own pet peeves that really, really need to be considered for the list.

First, let's address the i-pod.

I understand the i-pod. I appreciate the i-pod. Because if you're listening to your i-pod you're not trying to ask me questions that are just none of your business. (Yes, I do come here quite often, and No, I do not have an extra dollar for you to buy a cup of coffee.) And unless you're listening to Merle (Haggard, for those of you who don't know who the greatest country music star of all time is), then I don't want to hear you're i-pod, either. Turn down the volume.

And please - I can NOT stress this enough! I do not want to see you chomping your gum to the beat of the music and/or jamming in the aisle. 9 times out of 10 you are a white man and you just can't dance.

(Above picture stolen from Flicker. If you actually know this person and arent' ashamed to admit it, please contact me and I'll credit the photo to you.)

Now, let's talk about cell phones...

Am I the only in with a crappy cell phone package? The only one whose cell phone does not work underground? Apparently so. Because this is the conversation I had to endure last night. No, I was not eavesdropping, she was talking at the top of her lungs.

"Giirrrrl, you know I told him to get his sorry %^# outta my house! Mmhmm, yes I did"

while the guy behind me is planning a corporate takeover,

"Get his &*(__ attorney on the phone, now! This is not what we $#@^^ agreed to! This is not in the (*&%% contract! Set up a meeting pronto!"

As they both got louder, and I am sitting between them their voices start to combine and it sounds something like this...

"Girrlll, you know ^&#@! and his contract **& booty call %$#@ in the office on the table *&&**) then I'll just date Senator ##@&* and smack his booty during a conference call!"

Whew! Talk about sensory overkill!!

I wish the Washington Post would publish this on their front page. Maybe it would make people stop and ponder if their behavior is metro-appropriate. Plus, I bet I'd have a lot of support, and it'd be really interesting to see what my fellow riders would add to the list.

Til next time...gotta go before I miss my train. Now, where's my i-pod?