Monday, April 30, 2012

Fashion Question from a Louisiana Reader

"Okay. I need some Hillbilly Debutante style advice. We have been invited to a 'Cowboy Themed' wedding. I have NO idea what in the world to wear. Did I mention this wedding is in Texas? In June?? I don't want to do the typical denim skirt, plaid shirt, cowboy boots thing. I already have a pair of the English riding boots. I'm just at a loss as to where to from there. You are Country Chic personified so I bow to your wisdom.  G from Louisiana"

Give me an idea on your style. Are you glamorous/preppy/casual/formal?

"Casual preppy, maybe? I LOVE my tees and converse, but have been known to wear a cardigan and a cute pair of flats for a night out with my darlin' husband."

First of all, G I want you know I am jealous as all-get-out that you're going to a cowboy wedding in Texas, and second of all - this is easy as pie!

The number one thing you need to always, always remember is that   cowboy boots go with everything!

So let's start with the basics; I'm gonna guess that as a southern girl you probably own a few shift or sheath dresses. These are perfect and here are a few examples of the one and only sheath dress I own.

However, if it were me I'd be proudly sportin' this get-up right here

But I where was I? Oh yes...a sheath dress.

It's just a simple boring dress that happens to be bright red. Just add funky jewelry and some cowboy boots and voila!

Add a lace shawl to add more 'oomph' ala Magnolia Pearl style

This pink number with ruffles around the collar needs no jewelry. Just add cowboy boots and you're set.

Replace adorable sandals guessed it! Cowboy boots!

Once again...replace cute flip-flops with cowboy boots.

Notice a pattern here?

Yes, you can! 
The only rule?
 Make sure dress or skirt doesn't go (at least not too far) below the knees.

Even this elegant number can be worn with cowboy boots. Depending on how dressy you want to look or maybe since you prefer 'simple' either wear a small pearl necklace, or skip jewelry altogether and let the boots be your focal point.

I hope this helps! 

And if any of my 'preppy' friends have any more advice on how mix/match the preppy and cowgirl styles, please chime in on the comments page and feel free to leave a link.

Oh - and G! Have a great time!! We'd love to see pictures of what you finally decide to wear and some sneak peaks of what the  bride/groom and other guests are wearing.

Til next time,


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Interview in New York's Celebtzer magazine

I sit here shaking my head in disbelief.

This is right alongside articles about Simon Cowell, Jennifer Anniston, Drew Barrymore and Ashton Kutcher (just to name a few). 
 I'm even next to the President of the United States, for crying out loud!

I hope you'll take a few seconds and click on the link below to read it. 

It's a pretty intense, emotional interview and I didn't hold anything back. I hope it inspires YOU to change YOUR life!

Monday, April 23, 2012

You've asked..I'm tellin'

Kathie, where do you get your inspiration?

Hmm....where do I start?

How about jewelry/overall style
and attitude?

It's gotta be LuLu Kellogg.

 She is quirky, dark and downright scary...

and absolutely the CUTEST thing I've ever seen!
 You can read her blog at . 
Better yet, skip straight to and see her fabulous jewelry and belt buckles. 
Plus, she's my fellow crinoline, tu-tu skirt wearing comrade.

Which speaking of crinoline skirts, I've made no secret of my girl-crush on the Junk Gypsies.  


Then there's Texas Hill Country Designer Robin Brown,
known 'round the world as

Magnolia Pearl


Romantic Farm Style


Daphne Nicole

(I always get tons of compliments on this!)

and of course my favorite style icon...


For decorating ideas it's this

and this

but more often than not

Oh, come on now! Don't look so shocked!
Some of my favorite treasures have come from junk that people have left on the curb for the trash man - but I'll save that for a future article.

So, I guess the question is: Where do I not find inspiration?

Okay. Never mind.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pictures from the Hillbilly Debutante Ball

Here are a few pictures from The Hillbilly Debutante Ball.

The wonderful bluegrass and old-timey country music was provided by none other than Southwest Missouri's famous 
Circle S Gang

LOVE these folks and get this  - they played for FREE! Yes, they did! They so graciously played all night for not one dime just to get us started this first year. Can you believe it? Who does that? Good ol' country folk - that's who!

The following pictures are provided by the El Dorado Springs Sun since whoever was shooting pictures with my phone didn't realize they were actually shooting video. Oh, trust me, I would LOVE to upload the videos however they only play, for like, 2 second intervals. Grrrr!

The Hillbilly Debutante herself in her signature red boots!

Miss Missouri (in gold skirt) leading the line dancing.

Me and my date for the evening. Amy loved, loved, loved dancing and I must have burned at least 5,000 calories that evening.

me trying to 'upstage' Miss Missouri - IMPOSSIBLE!

The vittles were provided by....drum roll, please.....

The Rusty Jug, Barbeque and Root Beer Salon

I was soooo excited about having my very first ever 'Old South Jackson' Root Beer invented by Todd Leonard, proprietor of 
The Rusty Jug, which by the way has just won national Root Beer awards! (How cool is that??) But wouldn't you know, I come 1100 miles and he's O-U-T! 

It was such a fun night and while we had a fairly decent crowd we wish more folks would've taken a chance on come on out. 
I think some were a bit nervous not exactly knowing just what the heck a 'Hillbilly Debutante Ball' was supposed to be about. 

I DO have tons of video footage from the first leg of my book tour with my book signing at PFI in Springfield, Missouri, as well as the ball and some other cool things.

Say your prayers, light a candle and cross your fingers because I am gonna give it the ol' college try and put up at least the first episode of "The Hillbilly Debutante Show" this weekend.

Til Next Time,


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still Recuperating!

Hillbilly Debutante Ball pictures tomorrow!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Checking in...

Today was first day of the official "The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe" book tour.

I started off with a radio interview at THE country music station of the Ozarks, KTTS 94.7 on the Bobby and Summer morning show. (I used Summer Stevens name in the book!) We also filmed a few minutes for edit in the first segment of
"The Hillbilly Debutante Show".

I had the day free so my dear friend Sonya drove me all over the Ozark Mountains shooting the scenery, then lunch at the beautiful Big Cedar Lodge, and of

Then 4:45 we gathered up my books, gave a quick tutorial to my cameragirl Lydia and we headed out to PFI Western Wear - the first book signing of the tour.

It was so much fun!! It's too late to post pictures, but when I get back home I will show you the cute display Kim at PFI made just for me, all guessed boots.

It was great to see two book clubs who've hosted me before, and of course to meet new people as well.

Ruthanne (Aunt Ruthie) from Sugar Pie Farmhouse came!

I'm on cloud nine and I would love to post pictures but it is almost midnight and I have to be up early in the morning to go to Stockton, Missouri to speak to the 4th grade class. Forget beauty sleep - I just don't wanna fall asleep during my talk.

And of course tomorrow night is the First Annual Hillbilly Debutante Ball.

I'll try to post more tomorrow night if I can!

Love to all!


Monday, April 9, 2012


'Hillbilly Debutante: Musings of a Country Girl Stuck in the City' show!

I'll be filming my first episode on the road this weekend.

What is it? 

Well, think reality.....but without the drama.

There will be no %#&$?!

There will be no 'Oh no she didn't'


'Can you believe she wore that?'

It won't be me sitting in front of a camera and droning on and on and on....

No 'talk' show!


With that said I'm not exactly sure what it will be. 

We're playin' it by ear.

I can tell you it will be filled with book tour adventures, decorating, junking, thrifting, Southern Living Dixie Road Trips, parties, country life, city life and everything in between.

Anything you'd like to us do or film? Let us know!!!

Any and all ideas (as long as it's not immoral or illegal) will be considered.

You can bet your sweet bottom dollar, though, the first episode will contain highlights of the Hillbilly Debutante Ball.

Y'all ready for this?

Let's go!

(I'm anxious to hear your ideas....)

What to wear to The Hillbilly Debutante Ball

Say it out loud: Hillbilly Debutante Ball

Doesn't that sound more fun than a barrel of monkeys?

It's only fitting I start off my book tour in the town where the story takes place.

El Dorado Springs, Missouri.

And to kick things off, the town is having a Hillbilly Debutante Ball on Friday night.

So now the question that has been filling up my inbox and facebook messages.

What does one wear to a Hillbilly Debutante Ball?

Here's a few ideas!

Junk Gypsies

Junk Gypsies

Junk Gypsies

Cowgirl Gypsy

Junk Gypsies
So use your imagination.

Be creative

Be crazy

Have fun!

See you all Friday night at the El Dorado Springs Community Building at 7pm.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coming Soon....

*What to wear to 'The Hillbilly Debutante Ball

*First leg of book tour this week

*Shooting begins for 'Hillbilly Debutante: Musings of a Country
  Girl Stuck in the City'

and most important, I want to visit the blogs of all of you that have left comments for me! Please be patient - in between laundry, packing and trips to the post office I'll get there.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

You know I love my truck.
But you know what I love even more?

My pink and white bike.

I love the freedom of a bicycle.
As soon as the mercury hits 60 degrees I ride it everywhere. Grocery store, library, farmers market, post office and of course sometimes I ride just to ride...

Today's jaunt was to the Post Office. Living in a metropolitan area I have three post offices to choose from but this one is my favorite.

It's like a quick visit to Mayberry. The postal workers -all two of them know me (and everyone else) by name. When I mail your books and merchandise I do so from here.

(As a matter-of-fact, Miss Shirley from the Ozarks, I mailed your three 'Hillbilly Debutante' t-shirts this morning and you should receive them on Saturday.)

I rode up the ramp to the door, parked at the bench (yes, there is a bench on the porch! So country, huh?) and went in to tend to business.

Afterward I stood at the top of the ramp looking down and I couldn't help but smile at the thought that in my younger days (last year) I would have sped as fast as lightning to the bottom and then turned around and done it again. And again.

I safely walked the bike down the ramp, then hopped on and rode away.

But I won't lie. For one teensy-eensy split second I thought about going back and just for old times sake pedaling back down as fast as I could.

What would you like to go back in time and do if you knew you wouldn't break any bones? Or what would you like to try that you've never tried before?

Monday, April 2, 2012

Estate Sales, Ebay and Pageants - Oh My!

So, if you've been following me for any length of time, you know my personal motto is 'Make Living a Wonderful Art'.

In doing so, I've made some big changes in my life. Probably the gutsiest change is with my wardrobe. I just purged my closet. With the exception of one charcoal navy shift dress with matching cardigan (for funerals) most of my clothes are either Cowgirl Chic, or Vintage/Vintage Inspired.
Think June Cleaver 1950's circle dresses/skirts complete with crinoline (abundant on e-bay). Picture 1950 farm dresses and 1940's and 50's British land girl dresses. Bloomers by Magnolia Pearl!
 I also kept a few modern pieces that can be worn with ballet flats or cowboy boots, or with the tying of a scarf, or the clip/pinning of a broach - voila - what is new looks old.  

I'm wierd that way - I've always loved old things.

I wish I could say my love of 'old things' is relegated to clothing but that would be a lie.

I don't really think this table is all that old. I spotted it at a flea market. I tried to walk away - really, I did.

And it's not exactly new. But someone else had used it - probably lots of 'someone else's' which makes it 'old', wouldn't you say? Add to the fact that it's white, chippy and peely. Heavenly.

So, I paid my $5 - yes, I said $5 - placed it ever-so-gently in the back of my truck, and brought it home.
 This table is a lot heavier than it looks, plus it's very awkward, but I was able to climb into the truck bed, gently hoist it to the ground and carry it up the front stairs - all by myself.
 At the very top step I lost my balance but was feeling downright cocky when I caught myself with one hand grasping to the side of the house and still balancing the table with the other hand....when suddenly I lost my grasp and there went my precious, $5 table tumbling down the stairs and crashing into several pieces onto the concrete drive.
But before Jay was home and knew what had happened - i.e. before he was home and found out that I'd been 'junking' and brought something else home I didn't really need he didn't think I needed, I'd grabbed the hammer and a few nails and had that table back together in no time flat. He was none the wiser - until 3 months later when he had to walk through my pink/white girly, romantic sitting room to bring in the Christmas tree.

Anyway, back to my big wardrobe change -
I wear a lot of these now -

Go ahead and laugh! You know you want one.

And this tulle skirt? Got one in pitch black and another in pure white!  And yes, I wear them out in public! Do people laugh?
I dunno.
Don't much care.

I'm too busy havin' fun -

Like emceeing events with Miss Missouri.
(I'm the short one on the right with the tulle skirt, funky belt and ruby red lipstick).

If you're like me and you love vintage clothing, then I hope you'll click on the 'shop' button at the top of the blog. I've been collecting for about 7 years, anticipating my own 'place'.

I have some beautiful collections, but I have to tell you that this one is my all-time favorite:

This is an early 1960's jacket and dress. Gals, this ensemble is in absolutely perfect, pristine condition. The jacket is heavily lined, with 3/4 sleeves.

and the dress itself has tiny yellow sequins stitched around the collar, around the bodice, and on the hem.

As I said, this outfit is absolutely divine and if I wore a size 6  (measurements are a modern day 6) I would keep it for myself.

Another passion of mine is aprons! If I didn't have enough to keep me busy already I love to sew aprons.

I love, love, love this combination of pink and lime green!

I have a few more in the shop but after they're gone I don't know if I'll have any more.

Between my book tour, managing my blog/shop, starting my next novel and filming for my show - oops! did I just say that? 'Filming for my show'?

I better stop there - I've let too much slip out already.

I do hope though, you'll take the time to have a look-see of all we have. Be sure and stop 'in' the Shabby Apple, too. They have wonderful vintage-inspired clothes and you can even shop according to your body type!

Now, before you go headin' outta here, drop me a line and let me know what YOU are doing to make YOUR life a wonderful art. I want ALL the details now, ya hear?
Til Next Time,