Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your Etiquette Question Answered

Q:  Dear Hillbilly Debutante,

     I  sent a sympathy card to one of my mother's friends whose husband recently passed away. I addressed the card to "Mrs. John Smith", however my co-worker says that once a woman is widowed she uses the name, "Mrs. Susan Smith." Who is correct?

A.  Actually, both of you.  But. *Tradition states that she retains her title of "Mrs. John Smith" until she remarries, however in recent years "Mrs. Susan Smith" has become acceptable and is not a breach of etiquette.

With that said, allow me to share my opinion on why traditional is 'better'. 'Mrs. Susan Smith' seems too 'abrupt'. There will be many cruel reminders in the days ahead that life as she knew it is no longer. I would leave it up to her to decide when she is ready to move on.

And of course, "Mrs. John Smith" is more formal. My number one rule? If in doubt, always side on the err of formality.

*If you are from the south always use the traditional rule of etiquette.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

False Victim the movie? Here we go again....

If you're one of my long-time 'regulars' then I'm sure you remember back in 2010 when Lifetime bought the life and movie rights to my first novel.

A year and a half later the A&E channel acquired Lifetime. Lifetime acquired a new CEO and voila - the new CEO decided to drop the 2011 projects that had not already gone to production.
 I was one of those casualties. 
But hey, that's show business, right?

(For you newbies: "False Victim" is a riveting, highly emotional account of my families terror at the hands of a neighborhood stalker - a woman that literally lived around the corner and was so obsessed with removing our young son from our home that she made it a full-time job. When that was unsuccessful she upped the ante and became hell-bent on having me arrested and sent away for crimes that were a figment of her sick, psychotic imagination.)

Well, this afternoon I received word that another group of producers (not Lifetime) is interested.

I am not holding my breath. 

Who am I kidding? Of course I am holding my breath.

And while I'm at it...I think I'll throw in an a copy of 'The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe'. 

Just in case they're in the mood for comedy rather than drama.

What a crazy, wonderful life I lead. 

Til next time,


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fashion Week with Thomas Lavone

How do I know that my p.r. team has done a great job of 'branding' me? Honey, let me tell you.

Allow me to set the stage: New York City Fashion Week. People lined up down the block waiting to get in and snag a seat. Or a place to stand at the very least.

Right now I am feelin' pretty darn good about having VIP seats. I am one of the lucky few that gets to sit front and center. I am so happy I can't stand it. What on earth did I do to deserve this fabulous life?  

I encounter these beautiful ladies at the front door. Keep in mind it's my first Fashion Week so I'm more than a bit intimidated  which turns to absolute fear as they inform me that not only am  I not on the VIP list, I'm not on the list at all! 


Originally I was taking my friend Gayle, who is comedian Chris Rock's mother in law, but at the last minute had to cancel. 
Of course! The tickets must be under her name.


Suddenly I remember an email I'd gotten from Thomas, the designer, a few days before.
That works. They let me in.
Whew! I am in like Flynn.
Front and center.

There's more to this story....but first let's take a look at some of Thomas Lavone's fabulous designs.

I wasn't allowed to take my Canon in since I wasn't part of the press but I did manage a few shots with my iphone.

Orange is all the rage this season as well as animal print.

Below is the outfit I'm buying:

I am on the planning committee for an upcoming gala in DC in February and this has my name all over it. Animal print, of course.

Below is Thomas (isn't he adorable?) with his assistant, Miss Sophia on the left and Jerseylicious' Olivia on the right.

Now, back to the 'branding' story. 
After I RSVP'd  to the invitation Thomas called me and invited for me to stick around for the after-party.

 After his numerous press interviews he made his way over to me to thank me for coming.

Hillbilly Debutante with award-winning designer Thomas Lavone

'Do you live in New York?' he asked after exchanging air-kisses and a hug.

'No,' I replied. 'I'm Kathie Truitt, from Washington D.C.'

His eyes lit up!

"Oh! You're Hillbilly Debutante!"

As soon as he said that a light bulb came on for me.

"Did you buy any chance put me on the guest list as 'Hillbilly Debutante' rather than Kathie Truitt?'

'I sure did'.

And sure enough - Miss Sophia took another look at the list and there I am right under the h's. Hillbilly Debutante. 
The rest of the night I was simply 'Hillbilly'. 
Hey, I don't care what you call me - just call me for next spring's Fashion Week, please.

My new BFF - sought-after celebrity makeup artist/genius Rodney Jon

Thank you Thomas Lavone for showing this 'Hillbilly' girl such a great time! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fashion week, flea markets and Times Square Naked Cowboy

Now - that headline was just to get your attention. Oh settle down! I will post pictures for you very soon, I promise! I had more fun than the law should allow, but more about that later.

As you all know, I just turned 50 the end of July. We have a saying in the south that a 'lady never tells her age.'  Now y'all know I go along with almost all of those rules - 'never wear white after labor day', 'don't chew gum in public', et al. But I will never go along with guarding my age like it's some big national homeland security secret. I believe this 'shame' is why there is such a fear of so many young women I know of getting older.

We should embrace this stage in our life! Show these young gals what they have to look forward to. It's an age of freedom - our children are grown. We don't have to try to find a babysitter on Saturday night and can go to Sunday morning services without throw-up down the front of our silk blouses! 
We can hug, squeeze, spoil and love our grandchildren to death and send them home with their parents while we get to have a good night's sleep and wake up fresh and rearing to go!

So here is the direction I am pledging to take this blog -we'll still talk about old trucks, cowboy boots, and road trips from time to time - but I'm also going to introduce to you some phenomenal women living life to the hilt, dressed to the nines (some on Best-Dressed lists), and active forces-to-be-reckoned with in their communities. Women who don't have time to fret or whine about growing older because they're too busy with their careers, travelling to exotic places or involved in charitable causes.

I have time to leave you with one picture from this weekends fashion show: 

Me and the designer himself: Thomas Lavone

Pictures from his collection tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fashion Week!

Um, did I mention that I got an invitation to Fashion Week? Yes, I did! And a VIP pass which means front and center and fun at the after-party. I'll try to take as many pictures as I can. Mr. T is dropping me off at the train station on Saturday and I'll be spending the last few days of Fashion Week in New York. Yay!!! Now....what to wear?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dear September 10th,

Here we are again for the 25th year in a row, staring each other down like mortal enemies. Maybe it's time we have that talk that's long overdue.

First of all, I don't like you - that's no secret. But this next admission just might surprise you;  You see, I have come to realize that my dislike for you isn't totally fair. You're not the only day to blame. Nope, September 9th needs to 'man up' and share some of that burden as well.

After all, September 9th you were the one that started this. Don't look at me like that - you know what you did! It was YOU we were marvelling at with the golden autumn sunshine, warm temperature and your blue cloudless sky before you sucker punched us with the news that our baby's heart had stopped beating. It was YOU that continued to happen as the world spinned on it's axis, while ours came to a screeching halt. You went on and on with your beautiful self just like everything was perfect while we waited to give birth to a little boy that would never breath your air. It was YOU that passed by so slowly, holding onto him until you could force him out into the wee hours of an innocent, unsuspecting new day. How very clever, thinking you could shrink away and be forgotten as if him coming into this world on a different day would absolve you of any wrong.

But on the other hand September 10th, it hasn't helped your case that every year - and it doesn't matter how deep of a sleep I'm in - my eyes fly open at exactly 30 minutes past midnight - the exact time that sleeping angel entered our world.

Every year the week leading up to you I beg God for something wonderful to happen on September 10th This Year. Something that we can remember for all time - that magical 'Something' that will fill that awful, empty void you left us with.

'Please Jesus - let me win the lottery.... get that promotion.... that house.... or at the very least make me thinner on this day.'

This year I decided to 'get tough' by prepping myself and repeating the following over and over.

'You need to let this go, Kath. He was only a baby - it's not like you really knew him. It's not like Cheri Allison's Nathan, or Maretta Smith's Shawn - young men that were taken in their prime - Jayson was 'just' a baby.'

Yes, but he was my baby.

So you see, Sep - I can call you Sep, can't I? Unless you know somethin' I don't, we'll be meeting here again next year - and the next, and the next...

But here's a cold hard fact - you won't win at this game. I may die tomorrow, or I may die at 105. But when I get where I'm goin' there'll be only 'happy tears' and you won't even be a memory.
And looonnggg after you're gone - don't look so surprised - you know what the Good Book says - time (that's you) will pass away - and our relationship will come to an abrupt halt. But until that happens I suppose I'll just deal with you the best way I know how. I'll go ahead and feel what I feel and gather up a years worth of strength until our next meeting. After all, it is what it is...


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Have a Great Labor Day Weekend!

Everyone enjoy your last official weekend of summer!

Yes, I've been AWOL but my 'regulars' know that I usually take the whole month of August off.

To say I had a good summer would be a lie.


I hope yours was too.

Be safe and I'll see y'all next week.