Monday, June 30, 2014

One week into the new adventure

It's been one week since I left Virginia for Texas.
My 1800 mile trek across the great South was without incident, thank you Jesus.
Can you imagine stuffing 3 weeks worth of clothes and a few other necessities (makeup, jewelry and shoes) and a 50 pound dog into a Mini-Cooper and driving that far?
Well, Sally and I did it and it was fun!
Now for the stress.
You know it's just not in the cards for everything to go smooth 100% of the time. Heck, I'd be happy with 40% but....
Anyway, a few more days and I should be settled in.

In the meantime we took Sally to the lake we are going to be living by and did a little exploring.
By the way, I'm ready to tell you about the town I've moved to.
Rowlett, Texas.
 It's a very charming lakeside community about 20 miles from Dallas. The population is 57,000 so I am still technically a 'country girl in a city', but I no longer feel 'stuck'. I chose this peaceful, calm place 'on purpose'.
 It was rated #1 Best Small City to live in by a national travel magazine and it's easy to understand why.
It's 'off the beaten path'. You have to look at a map to find it because there are no signs on the highway telling you how to get there.
In a nutshell?
I love this place.
Pictures to come.....

Monday, June 23, 2014

Kathie Truitt Has Left the Building....

....and it was very difficult. What? Yes, that's right. It was. You see, my son has decided to stay in Virginia. Why, you ask? Two reasons. Number 1, he has lived here his entire life and this is 'home' for him. And also....he's in love. His sweet, adorable girlfriend is also from here and she wants to stay near her family. Actually, it hurt me just as much to leave her as it did him. I just adore her. Looks like I'll be going back every once in a while to visit. I'm okay with that.
So, today was day one of my new adventure. The moving truck is lightly packed an on it's way to Rosebud Cottage in Texas. I left all of my living room furniture for William. The only furniture I am bringing are family heirlooms which is 3 pieces. You know what that means!! I get to start over. Yea!
I packed my mini-cooper with clothes I'll need for a few days and Sally and I headed out at about 7:00 am. We made pretty good time. I thought I might stay the night in Jackson, Tennessee but instead got a room in a small town outside of Nashville called Bellevue. Tomorrow will push on through to Dallas to meet my daughter, son-in-law, grandkids and Mr. T. The kids settle on their house tomorrow and we should the get the keys to ours on Thursday.
I'm sorry I have no pictures to show you today but I am one of these people that doesn't try to text and drive let alone take pictures. Just picture the most beautiful lush, green mountains you can imagine, throw in a few rain showers and one really bad thunderstorm and that sums up my day.

Before I turn in for the night it just hit me! I need to change my picture on my blog, don't I? Yikes. Think, think, think.
Til next time...

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Today is my 13th anniversary of living in Virginia (Washington, DC metro area) and I am two days away from crossing off the number one goal on my bucket list:


We had such hopes, dreams and stars in our eyes when we moved here all those years ago and so, so many of those dreams have come true.

The best part was returning to the land of my heritage which made me a 13th generation Virginian.

I've lived here longer than I've ever lived anywhere so I'd be lying if I said I wasn't just a little bit sad.

There are many, many people I will miss. My girlfriends. The Salvation Army Women's Auxiliary. Capital Speakers Club and all the memories of my beautiful friend, Pat. My DAR and Colonial Dames sisters.

And places, too. George Washington's Mount Vernon. Middleburg. Annapolis. The GW Parkway and my favorite place in the world to take a walk - Fort Hunt Park.

Anyway, house is packed. Moving truck comes Monday. And Sally and I will take our last morning walk on our wooded path across from our apartment before driving to our destination.

Rosebud Cottage, Texas.

Thank you so much to all Virginia, Maryland and DC friends and readers!

From the bottom of my heart I thank those of you that came to every single book signing, hosted signing parties, read and commented on my blog and actually made me your real-life friend through Hillbilly Debutante.

THANK YOU for changing my life.

And for ALL of you - I hope you stay with me as I go in a different direction.
I promise this will be fun.


Monday, June 16, 2014


You know how it is when you're moving. Packing, purging, packing, more purging, packing, digging things out of the trash that you've changed your mind about purging, and then more packing.

I found this little poem tucked between a few pages of my grandmother's diary that I think says it all.


Dear Lord I ask one thing of thee

The gift of true simplicity,

A cheery fire, a rocking chair,

Enough to eat, enough to wear,

A little cottage built upon a spot that I can call my own

A garden and a shady tree, a dog to keep me company.

A pot that's big enough to hold enough to fill another bowl.

A welcome mat that's out to all, whenever neighbors come to call.

A bed, a lamp, a book or two,

An old friend and perhaps a new,

And since all things are mine in Thee, then this is quite enough for me.

Grace E. Easley