Sunday, August 17, 2014

Talking dogs....

It's a much-needed rainy Sunday morning here at the Hillbilly Hacienda in Rowlett, Texas.
Sally has been roaming around pouting all morning. Things are always a little hectic on Sundays because I try to sleep in til the last minute before getting ready for church, so her walks are pretty short, which makes her none too happy. Don't get me wrong - I would gladly don a raincoat and wellies and still take her out but Miss Priss Diva will NOT go out in the rain. 
Anyway, sweet girl trots downstairs, then back up to me, then down again and back up to me and lets out a hearty 'Moooooomm'. Now, before you think I've gone completely off my rocker, let me assure you that I have many witnesses that will testify to the fact that this dog can indeed say 'Mom'.
While the vet says her pre-dominant breed is Black Lab she also has a lot of husky in her and apparently being able to speak a few words is very characteristic of Huskies.
So, back to the story. After about the umpteenth time I follow her downstairs and she takes me straight to Mr. T who is sitting in his favorite chair drinking his coffee. She sits down by the chair looks at him and looks back at me and says, 'Mooooommm'.
This is also her favorite chair.

And without saying a word, he gets up and lets her have it.
Spoiled brat.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

My new, true love.....

I'd love to tell you that it was love at first sight. That I drove by, took one look and said, 'Oh honey - this is it! The one I've been dreaming of my whole life.'

But that, my friend, would be a lie. Instead it was Mr. T;s heart that went aflutter. 
  I was like, 'You've got to be kidding me.'
I mean, just look at this yard. Bald spots, different types of grass, awful holly bushes planted at the front. Just drive on by, please. And hurry. Instead, we called the realtor and got the grand tour.
I will tell you right now I pitched a hissy fit to beat all hissy fits.
I stomped my foot.
 I cried.
"I do not want to do this, again. I will not do this again!" I vowed. Why couldn't Rosebud Cottage have worked out? All I had to do was just move in! Surely, there has got to be something comparable!
We still weren't really speaking when I dropped him off at the airport an hour later.
 I instinctively drove back to the house. I parked the car across the street and just sat and stared at her. It felt like hours, but what I'm sure was only about 10 minutes I started to soften. Even though the property was highly neglected she still looked stately.
'Man, she must have been a beauty in her hey-day'.
The more I looked at her the more my imagination started to work; the more I felt a connection with her.
I picked up the phone and left a message for Mr. T-
"Okay, I'll do it. But I want you to promise me that we'll get started immediately on fixing her up."
And so it goes....

The family room on the left doesn't look too bad - love the wood wall and the wood floor, but the pale yellow is kind of 'blah'. And that wall paper in the kitchen? Nope. Bye-bye.

Literally, the very first day we moved in our family came over and started painting.
Behr's Glazed Ginger gives a warm, homey glow
I am a wall-paper lover but this looks like it was from the 70's - and the house was only built in 1994. We decided to just paint over it rather than the headache of pealing it.
While cousins Mark and Brian are busy painting I start pealing the paper in the dining room because it's already pealing on it's own. Piece of cake.
My dining room will revolve around my blue and white dishes.
So, we go from this

to this...
to this!
This is Ralph Lauren's "Blue Chalk" but in my mind I call it 'Texas sky' because this is the hue I see every day when I look out at the horizon.
More pictures to come and beautiful, drastic changes every day. I hope you fall in love with her, too as I share her with you.
And we've got to come up with a name...
Til next time,

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I am asking for your help...

I need a favor from you.
Though it's how I got my home in Texas (thank you, Mr. T) I don't make a habit of begging.
But today all bets are off and I am on my knees.

If you've read 'False Victim' then you know what my family has been through. William was only 10 when we moved away from that situation.
But this isn't about us - so bare with me.
You see, when we moved there were twin boys, Edmund and Edwin, that became like brothers to Will. Those boys were and still are a Godsend.
We lovingly refer to them as 'The Ed's.'  They have a younger brother named Samuel. Their mother is a single, working mom who was working two jobs but had to quit one to continue her education for a better future.

'The Ed's' graduated from a high school a year ago and both turned down college scholarships to play football so they could stay home, attend a local community college and work two jobs (each of them) to help their mom and be there to help with their little brother while he finished high school.
In this daily process we call life, the rent fell behind. They are facing eviction. They live in one of the, if not the cheapest apartment complexes in the DC metro area.
This is not a matter of them living among their means.
It's not.
So what does this have to do with you? I'm glad you asked.
Please click on the link below and donate whatever you can. You think you're donation is too small to make a difference? Think again. It's all about volume.
I'd like to thank you in advance.
There is one thing I know about you all.
 You're big-hearted.
You're insanely generous and you're the most kind-hearted folks in the world.
I KNOW together we will get this done.