Friday, October 24, 2014

One Bride, Four Bridesmaids, and One Rehearsal Dinner, Part 3

I don't have pictures to post right now but will definitely later. As a matter of fact, the ol' Canon 1500 battery is charging as we speak.
I just wanted to take a breather before I get back to work.
Even though we are not done with the construction around the house and the bride was well aware of this, I insist that as much as possible be as perfect as possible - especially her room for the night.
Everything she sees the moment she opens her eyes tomorrow morning will be etched in her memory for the rest of her life - memories she will share with children and grandchildren.
It gives me chills to think I am entrusted with that.
Okay, I was teasing...
Here's a little peek.
Til next time,

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

One Bride, Four Bridesmaids and One Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Part 2

Remember the bride that asked if she and her bridesmaids could spend the night before the wedding at Hillbilly Hacienda and then wanted to have her rehearsal dinner here, too?
Well, 'all that' is just two days away.
 I guess you could say Mr. T is just a few bricks shy of ...oh, never mind.

Still some work to do on a few bedrooms....
What? Me worried? Nah....
However, it would be nice to have a

bit of help.
But never you mind Sally - don't let us interrupt your nap. Of course she is ALWAYS under foot no matter what room I am working in. And never offers to help.
Til next time -

Monday, October 20, 2014

Really, Kathie? At YOUR age?

Because I have no intention of fading gently into the night.
Also, they're cute!
And because....
I have no intention of fading gently into the night.
(Did I mention that already?)

 That just is not in the plan.
An over-age Miley Cyrus?
Think what you want.
But I promise - no twerking (I can't even dance), no swinging naked from a wrecking ball (however, I DO zip-line from time to time and fully clothed), and no ugly tongue pictures.
Actually, no tongue pictures whatsoever.
Til Next Time,

Sunday, October 19, 2014

One bride, four bridesmaids, and one wedding rehearsal dinner

That's right.
I said wedding rehearsal dinner.
Y'all knew about the bride wanting to spend her last night as a single girl at 'Hillbilly Hacienda'.
But a few weeks ago she asked if she could also have her rehearsal dinner here as well.
And of course, I said yes.....all the while wonderin' what the heck I was gonna do with this wall. 
But alas my knight in shining armor has come back to the castle and guess what he's been working on.

It's going to look great when he's finished.
But honestly? As much as I've hated this wall I just melted when I saw the heart with our initials.
And yes, as a matter-of-fact I did ask if there was anyway we could leave that exposed.
Ain't happenin'.
Speaking of things that don't have a snowballs chance of  happenin', Holli of 'Holli's Hoots and Hollers' came over, loaded up my beloved tailgate and drove off into the Texas sunset.
I was sad, but my marriage has been saved.
I had actually planned on buying a cool table and propping the tailgate against the brick wall when it was finished and I still think it would have looked cool, but can't wait to see what Holli does with it.
 She's promised pictures and I promise to share.
Gotta go, folks. While Mr. T finishes up with the brick, I still have one more coat of paint for a bedroom and upstairs bathroom and am expecting a bed delivery tomorrow. Oh my goodness!! I can't believe I forgot this til now! I still need to go buy a mattress and box-springs for the new bed. Yikes!
As you can see - no rest for the wicked.
Til next time,

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Greenville, TX - I need your help!

 Are you or someone you know from Greenville, Texas? If so, then I need your help solving a mystery:
Who is the beautiful lady in this portrait?

I found her in an antique shop in Quinlan, Texas during one of my shopping sprees and I fell head over heels in love!

My inquisitive nature ran wild but the only thing the store owner could tell me is that she believes the lady is a Greenville native.
Here is the artists 'signature' and the year the painting was commissioned.
I'm guessing she was in her late 20's/early 30's which would now put her in the 80-90 year age group.
I'm so fascinated by her and am dying to know who she is. Wouldn't it fabulous if she was still alive and I could meet her?
Every day I study that lovely face and wonder what is going on behind those eyes.
Wouldn't you just love to know?

But for now I guess I'll have to be satisfied that she is adding beauty to what I used think was an ugly salmon-colored wall.
Please feel free to share this picture. And please, please - if you're from Greenville, Texas ask your friends and relatives if they know who this is.
I appreciate your help!
Til next time,