Friday, August 19, 2016

Somebody help me.....

.....I wanna know where this is!

I stole  borrowed this from the Junk Gypsy blog because I MUST drive this road.
My life abso-stinkin-lutely will NOT be complete until I have driven this road.
Anybody know?
I'm pretty sure it's in Texas, so all my Texas friends and family - I expect you to help me find out.

Oh yes, the adventures I'm going to have drivin' Charlotte.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Meet Charlotte

This day started like any other.
 Except that it was raining.
It hardly ever rains here in Texas.
So other than the rain, it started like any other ordinary day.
When my feet hit the floor this mornin', I had absolutely no clue that a life-long dream was finally - finally - going to come true!
Two days earlier I took an 'off the beaten path' to run some errands and I spotted THIS beauty.
1972 Chevrolet pickup

I could not get her out of my head.
I decided this mornin' to go back and take another look.

I took a peek inside. Beautiful!
Strictly out of curiosity, I called the number on the 'for sale' sign and lo and behold the price was right!


Mr. T met me at the owners home and I fully expected to see a man our age.
Instead, the owner was a sweet 18 year old boy. He was incredibly polite and pleasant. While Mr. T went over what I hoped would be my new truck with a fine-tooth comb, this young man - Connor - gave me all the details I needed and answered all of my questions.
Then he handed us the keys and we took her for a spin.
If I wasn't already head over heels in love with her before, I sure enough was after that ride.
Next thing you know I became the proud new owner.
I was emotional and near tears because my dream of having my very own vintage truck had come to fruition. Oh - if I had a nickel for every time I pictured myself driving this very truck I'd be a rich woman. Y'all know that, though!! If you've followed me any length of time, then you KNOW how bad I've wanted a vintage truck.
Connor, on the other hand, was emotional because this was his very first vehicle. Not only that, but he and his dad had spent countless hours together fixing her up - quality father and son time.
 And tomorrow, he begins a new chapter in his life as a freshman at the University of Texas.
While I was signing the title and giving him the money, I reminisced about my old Suburban 'Dixie' and all the Dixie Road Trips I'd taken and the same adventures I have for his truck.

 How many of y'all remember the year Southern Living sent me a gift because I'd mapped out places they named as best of the south and I drove Dixie to all of them?
At that story, Connor's eyes lit up and he said, "You know, I did have a name for her - if you want to keep it. It's up to you. I called her Charlotte.'
So, in honor of the sweet boy who loved her and took such good care of her, we are going to carry on the tradition.
Charlotte she shall remain.
Below is the video of when he handed me her keys:
Now, Charlotte sits in my driveway.

I parked it to where I can look out at stare at her when I do the dishes.
I also love the name 'Charlotte' because when I was a little girl (and yes I'm going to show my age here), I made my mama sing the song 'Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte' to me before bedtime.
(When I got older I actually watched the movie that song was a theme to. Yee-Gads!! Cuh-reepy!)
Anyway, Charlotte is not quite road-trip ready, so I'll be staying pretty close to Rowlett (Texas) with her for now.
And of course you know I will share all the updates with you. last thing. See that profile picture up there?
The one of me in front of US Capital?
Well, I've been gone for 2 years now and I've tried to rack my brain to come up with another idea for a picture.
By golly, I think I've got an idea now - and it involves Charlotte!
Til Next Time....