Saturday, October 1, 2016

My House, Your House, Arhaus!

Fall is in the air!
Oh, who in the heck am I kidding?
Honey, here in Texas we don't see hide nor hair of fall until 2 weeks before Christmas, and even then you better not be napping or you'll miss it.
You'll hear no complaints from this girl, though.
Even though I love, love, love summer and drag it out til the bitter end, I still love fall colors.
While I do decorate for fall, I don't go 'all out'.
Since The Hillbilly Hacienda already has warm, cozy colors it's easy just to add a few touches.

The only place in the house I guess you could say I do go 'all out' is the fireplace.

 Don't you just love that farmhouse/vintage truck painting?
I bought that because I could see myself living in that scene.

See that little haybale? I just bought it at Hobby Lobby, but that freshly mowed hay smell permeates throughout the downstairs and takes me back to my childhood in Southwest Missouri.

Mmmmm... a deeeep breath and all the memories of my childhood come back to me - especially of my grandmothers house because she always had a freshly baked apple pie on the counter.

My pantry very much reminds me of a cabinet she had in her kitchen. I wish more than anything in the world I'd kept that cabinet. When designing my pantry I kept her pie cabinet in mind.

Now that I'm a grandmother there are sweet memories being made in my own kitchen. My grandchildren LOVE the little creatures on the kitchen island.
I usually keep candy corn in a mason jar next to the sparkly pumpkin on the far left, but I finally had to put a stop to that! (I was eating them all!)

 Something I never have to be reminded to do.....

I like to change my dishes out for each season.
I love these that I picked up from Bass Pro, and the cute little fox mugs are from none other than
Cracker Barrel!
Also, keep your eye out at places such as TJ Maxx.
And of course you know how I feel about thrift stores.
Love, love, love.
Something as simple as a pillow adds an extra touch!
 Y'all know I don't go to 'main-stream' stores too awful much, but last week I went 'sofa-shopping' for a client.
(Actually, I don't use fancy words like 'sofa'. So, in hillbilly english - I went 'couch-shopping')
Her style is very boho-chic Texas-style. Through the years I have fallen in love with the furniture store, Arhaus.
Uh....let me change that. I have fallen in love with lifestyle store, Arhaus.
I mean, this place is perfect for those of us who love unique items in our home. It's a great mix of farmhouse chic, bohemian eclectic, and rustic charm. I could get LOST in this store, folks.

I imagine that leather couch above with cow-hide pillows.
As creative as I like to think I am, I never dreamed of using a sectional like this one below:
But, this is what absolutely took my breath away!!
These are wall panels!!
Oh! My! Lanta!!!
Can't you just imagine this?

I'm tellin' was seriously hard to focus on business and not my own selfish wants (there'll be time for that later!)
Below is the sofa couch -and table!- that suited what we needed.
If you live in Dallas/Fort Worth area you can visit Arhaus in Northpark Mall in Dallas.
Or you can also visit from your own front porch:
And thank you so much for visiting MY house.
Now, about YOUR house - I would love to see some photos uploaded in my comments section of how you've decorated this fall.
Or if we're facebook friends, please share on my timeline.
Be sure and hashtag #hillbillydebutante and #arhaus.
Til Next Time,