False Victim and The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe

Here's where I give you a very short spiel about my books....

'False Victim' 
is a true story about something that happened to us when we lived near Washington, DC.

It was featured on Investigation Discovery and in 2020 became a Lifetime Movie

"The Neighbor in the Window'

in which they took a looooot of what I'll call 'creative liberty.'

My very favorite book that I've written is this one right here:

 It was sooo much fun to create and write.
It is a completely fictitious story that takes place in my hometown of 
El Dorado Springs, Missouri.

It's also under contract for movie rights, although my contract ends November 1st.

It made the finals with Netflix and then was dropped.
(I'm guessing Harry and Meghan got my budget - kidding.)

I'm crossing my that it will get picked up by someone else. 

Anyway, now you know...I write books.



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