If only I had a piano....

(I love this quote I found on instagram. I didn't write it but wish I had've!)

Someone: You're SO dramatic!

Me(with a rose between my lips, throwing glitter around, dressed in evening wear during the day, draping myself across a piano: 

"I have no idea what you're talking about"

(relaxing after a speaking engagement sponsored by the University of Oklahoma)

AAALLL of this is 100% true

....except, I don't have a piano. 

(Lillian and I out strolling around the farm)

I have been creative and over the top imaginative for as long as I can remember.

As a 3 year old I became a frog and - naturally - would only answer to 
'Froggy Baby'.

At age 5, I at least became human and demanded to be called 
'Danny Boy'.

About 7 or 8, I believe I decided to become a girl, which was wonderful because all during my childhood my grandmother had a section of her closet dedicated to me for dress up - dresses, sweaters, and nightgowns that with the help of gloves and her marvelous costume jewelry, transformed into beautiful evening gowns in which to stroll around the kitchen waving at my adoring fans my grandmother.

As I got older my creativity morphed into what I could etch onto pen and paper - pages and pages of plays, stories and mini-sagas almost all revolving around a young heroine and her horse.

At 13 and 14 while my friends were noticing boys and of course boys noticing them (and not me), I found a new love - the stage!

Ahhh - I felt so alive with the costumes! 
The makeup! Oh...don't even get me started on the makeup!! 
I was such a plain-Jane, but underneath allll of that caked-on foundation, teal blue eye shadow, red rouge and layers of mascara I felt BEAUTIFUL. 
For the first time in my life I actually felt beautiful - so much so that I wore my stage makeup after a play on a date. 
Needless to say that was also my LAST date with that particular boy. 
(Can you imagine what it must have been like for a teenage boy to ride around with a 16 year old looking like a drag queen?)

To me, makeup and clothing is 'art', which I love even more than writing - please don't tell my agent I said that.

When I call myself 'plain' please know that I am PLAIN AS DAY - pasty white, no eyebrows, no eye lashes, no lips - absolutely nothing distinguishing about me at all.
I once even walked bare-faced past my own father in the grocery store and he didn't notice me. 
My own dad!!

So, when I say makeup is my ART - makeup is my ART! And my plain, white-as-a-sheet-face is my canvas. I love to watch my features 'come alive' every morning as I paint! 
Yes, I know natural is the trend..
But I couldn't give two-hoots about trends.
I do what I like!

However, as much as I love cosmetics - CLOTHING is my NUMERO UNO art medium.
 I live, eat, sleep and breath clothes.
The only thing BETTER than clothes are ACCESSORIES.
All it takes is one hat, one belt, one  fabulous piece of big, oversized jewelry to transform my world!

Case in point - see below:

(long day spent at home reading by the fireplace)
When kids came along and husband had a career in Washington DC, I put away my 'weirdness', otherwise known as 'myself', so as not to embarrass anyone. Kids can be so cruel and I didn't want my children to be known as the 'boy/girl with the weird mom'. 
So, I dressed to 'fit in'.

But once everyone was out the door and I high-tailed it to Texas I went back to my art.

Now...the 'down-side' to being me is that people mistake my love for the unique as 'attention-seeking'.
Sorry, but I don't dress for anyone else.
I only dress for me and how I feel and who I want to be each day. 
I look like this everyday - even when I don't go anywhere. 

The pink tutu above? I may wear it on a Tuesday to pump gas, or my black tutu (I'm famous for my tutu's) on a Wednesday to get groceries, but Honey - I also wear it on any given day just to walk 
around the house. 
I have also been known to wear one just to go outside to feed livestock.
At home and in the barnyard there is no one to show off to except the cattle, the dogs and the donkey - and an occasional coyote. 

So....if anyone thinks my weird, funky outfits are for them? 

It's all for me.

And YES - sometimes I DO wear evening clothes during the day.

Because my feeling is that life is too short, and if you want to wear a sparkly evening skirt with cowboy boots while you drive your husbands truck to the post office than you should just do it. 

Now before I close this out -
Question: Which font should I continue to use?

Left or right?



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