Lillian and Willow

So, if you're gonna hang out here then you need to know about 
Lillian and Willow.

Willow is the dachsund - a gift from my mother-in-law, and Lillian is my prized Scottish Terrier. 

I try not to have a favorite, buuutttt...
I have wanted a Scottish Terrier since my husband worked at the 
White House and came home every day telling me 'Barney' stories. 
Actually, I'll never forget the time I had lunch at the WH and saw Barney outside taking a dump while his very own Secret Service held onto his leash. 
No, I'm not kidding - a man with a black suit, black sunglasses as stiff as a board holding the end of Barney's leash while he pooped - I mean, you KNOW that isn't what that SS agent had in mind that he'd be doing when he went to 'Secret Service School.'

But anyway - years later I now I have my very own Scottie and while she doesn't have her own security detail she is definitely the star everywhere - and I mean EVERYWHERE we go.

Walking through the airport with her is like being the ugly stepsister. I could literally walk around naked and no one would notice. 
People oohh and ahhh, tell her she's beautiful and take pictures.

I swear she understands what's going on and KNOWS she's beautiful and eats up every bit of attention.

Unlike most Scotties, she loves people. 
All people - even children.

Except me. 
And she ignores me.
It's weird because I have never had a dog that did not absolutely love me.

Then there's Willow.
What I'm lacking in love and affection is made up ten-fold by her. 
She is always at my side.
If I'm travelling she won't eat til I get back.
She follows me everywhere and is always underfoot.
She even sleeps close to me.
My husband jokes that she'd nurse if I let her.

These two are as different as night and day.

Willow loves the farm and spends her day roaming the barnyard and pastures. 
We go for a walk every morning and every evening.

Lillian likes to be outside for a little while and then trots up to the main house and barks for my mother in law to let her in.

She's very prissy and not crazy about the walks as you can see by the picture below.

 Can you see the little shadowy figure up ahead?

That's my Miss Lillian.

Do you have animals that bring you as much joy as these do for me?
I'd love to hear about them!



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