Plot Twist!

 'Plot Twist!'

That's my go-to phrase every time something in life doesn't go the way as planned. 


Forget everything I told you earlier about living it up in the fun and sun on the beaches of Puerto Rico.

It was fun while it lasted, but back to reality earlier than expected.

Here was the original plan:  to be in in our hometown of El Dorado Springs, Missouri from August to October -Just long enough to escape  hurricane season and the unbearable humidity. Then, October 1st we would head back to the island to for more fun and sun and then move back here permanently in July of '22.

As you know life can change in an instant - and it did.

When we got back here we realized that our family needed us so we decided to move back earlier. 

So...I've traded in the beach life for the farm life. And you know what? I'm not really sad about it. I mean....I'm sad to leave the friends I've made - and I have made some good ones. But, the truth is....I've felt the tug of home for quite some time now. 

We need to be close to Jay's parents, but also wanted to give them their privacy. So rather than move in, our daughter and son-in-law so graciously gave us their travel trailer to live in while we plan a home build. We are thinking construction won't even be able to start until March or April. 

It's a great RV and we are ever so grateful......but two people in such a small space is going to be a great challenge.

Did I mention two people in such a small space is going to be a challenge?

But we're determined to  make the best of it. We are gypsies anyway - this is our 35th move in 39 years. 

 And much to the embarrassment of our kids, we've decided to name it 'Love Shack'.  

Sing it with me.. 'Love Shack, Baby, Love Shack....a little place where we can get together......'

In the meantime, my morning is spent feeding cats - my neighbor has 42. 

Nope. That's not a typo. The dude actually has 42 cats, which breaks the stereotype of the 'crazy cat lady'. He's a middle-aged handsome man. A pilot. He just likes cats. 

And women. 

I know what you're thinking. 

And yes - he's single. 

Told you I knew what you were thinking. ;)

I've also invested in the obligatory farm boots. 
It's back to being conscientious of copperheads.

I'm not being paranoid, either. 

We have an overabundance of cicadas and copperheads looovve to feast on cicadas and since the trailer is parked in the absolute middle of nowhere and I have to be out and about all hours of the day and sometimes night....Ima gonna wear the boots.

Anyway, I am so glad to be back in El Dorado Springs - pronounced El DoRAYdo 
(NOT El DoRAHd0)
where I am close to my parents again.
Old friends. 
Peace and quiet.

When Jay and I were kids and talked about marriage I always thought we'd stay and the farm, raising animals and babies.

Now that we've traveled the world and the babies have babies of their own, here we are back on the farm. 

There's a lot to do here to get this place where it needs to be, but we are excited to do it.

I can't wait to share it all with you. 

In a few days I will be headed back to our home in Puerto Rico to get things packed and bring back to the farm. 

It will be a chance to say my 'see you later' to friends I hold so dear.

Please join us on the new venture. 
Or is is ADventure? 
Kidding...I'm SURE it will be an ADVENTURE!

Til Next Time...



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