Thursday, January 18, 2018

Fuh-reezing temperatures!!

I absolutely HATE being cold.
But I also hate the bulkiness of wearing a coat.
Can you say 'uncomfortable'??
So....I just bundle up in lots of layers.
Let me tell you about this hat.....

Last summer I had the opportunity to work for one of my favorite Texas designers at the Dallas Fashion Market. At the end of the week I always go home with lots of goodies. This great hat was one of those treasures. I get sooo many compliments on this pullover, plus it is really warm.
You'll never guess where I got it! You ready for this?
Don't laugh now:  CRACKER BARREL!
Yep. I am a reeaalll snob, aren't I? Ha!
Not hardly!
You see, I view clothing and dressing as an art. Forget the books and articles I've written!
Clothes and accessories - even the way I decorate - is my main media.
So, of course I am always on the lookout for crazy, fun, unique, one of a kind pieces.
Those things are hard to find in the mall or traditional stores so I try to shop private boutiques, thrift stores, consignment stores and junk stores.
While these oversized jeans were on sale from Anthropologie, the vest was from my local Life Message Thrift store.

Luckily, here in Texas our small towns almost always have thriving downtowns with fabulous boutiques.
I also have some online stores I like, too.
How about you? I'd LOVE for you to share some links of your favorite shops! Please leave in the comments!

Outfit of the Day

Idea for a new picture

Y'all know that picture of me standin' in front of the Nation's Capital is old as the hills.
Good grief, I've lived here in Rowlett (Texas) going on 4 years now. 
Wait! Did I just say four years? Where in the world has the time gone?

Anyway, I need a new profile picture, don't I?
I've been thinkin' about this for a really, really long time and by golly I think I've finally come up with a great idea.

I'll just say it involves pink tulle and a pair of really old worn out, scuffed up cowboy boots.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Duck Dynasty Road Trip

Don't let the headline fool ya. Oh, we took a road trip, alright. But not for fun. Nope. We were subpoenaed to testify in a court hearing in SW Virginia. It was a looonng15 hour drive (the closest airport was Knoxville, TN and then a 5 hour drive in a rental car, so we just made the decision to skip it and drive).
The day in court was grueling and painful, so on the way back home I suggested we have a bit of fun. So....before you know it we found ourselves at Duck Commander.

I am NOT a reality television fan...with the exception being Duck Dynasty.

We moseyed around the store for about 15 minutes. Jay bought a cap and I bought a few books. 
We were starving so we drove about a mile down the road to downtown West Monroe, Louisana to Miss Kay's bakery.

Miss Kay's Bakery and Sandwich shop was so cute!
If the temperature hadn't been 30 degrees it would have been great to have lunch outside on the picnic table.....

or here?

Can't you just imagine curling up on a hot summer day in this chair with a good book? Or a game of checkers with a friend?


Instead, we headed inside to the equally charming d├ęcor.....

and enjoyed a piping hot home-made chicken pot pie.
Nothing better to make your tummy 'happy, happy, happy' on a cold, windy, January day.
This was our view of a building across the street.
 Don't you just
love this? It's so 'Americana'.
Everything about this little town is so charming and I just can't wait to come back.
There are so many restaurants, antique shops and boutiques that I would've have loved to have spent the day exploring.  
A friend and I have already made plans to do just that at another time - hopefully when it's a bit warmer.
Til next time....

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Article Request Part 2: Makeup products

Leah Sheffield Fusselier from Louisiana asked if I'd do a makeup tutorial.

I wouldn't mind doing an actual video tutorial but I don't know how I'd set my phone up to actually record it. So....let me think a bit more about how to do that.
In the you go.....
Girls, my makeup bag is the size of Texas and I am NOT a brand snob.
No, sirree. I'll try any brand until I find what works best.
And as you can tell I have every brand under the sun.
I use MAC for my foundation, concealer and pressed powder, yet you'll see Maybelline loose powder, another concealer- wait- I have two concealers? -  as well as L'Oreal and Milani.
I have to tell you that the products I get from Milani (cheap from CVS) are probably my favorite. Their eye and lip colors are very rich. They also have a contour/highlighter that I absolutely love.
Here are questions I get asked most.
How long does it take you to do your makeup?
It depends. If I'm going somewhere with Mr. T and he is in a big hurry he'll tell me 'you don't need to do the full-dolly'.
In actual fact, I do indeed do the 'full-dolly' every single day of my life. Even if I'm just staying home. I never know who is going to drop by and it's not that I'm ashamed of being 'nekkid', it's just that I look so different (i.e. like an old hag) and I'd rather not subject people to that. I think it makes them uncomfortable.
Oh - but wait! I still haven't answered the question. So, how long DOES it take me to do my makeup?
 I think about an hour altogether - give or take another 35-45 minutes.
How much do you spend on makeup each month?
I spend very little, actually. It all lasts a long time and of course I don't run out of everything at once. I probably replace concealer and mascara more than anything.
You should never keep your mascara longer than 3 months, and I have such dark circles under my eyes that I have to use a lot of concealer, so it goes pretty fast.
You're getting older - you should probably use a lighter hand.
(code for 'girl, you wear way too much/)
It's true - I wear a LOT of makeup and I am totally, completely, unabashedly unashamed of that.
It's like a hobby for me so I like to play and experiment and try different colors and looks.
First of all - I care NOTHING about age, and Second of all -
I live in Texas where everything is bigger - including my eyelashes.
So yes, I'm wearing a lot, but NO I don't think I wear 'too much'.
Oh heck - who am I kiddin'?
Of course I wear 'too much'  - I'm too much, but at 54 years old I doubt that I'm changing anytime soon.
Love me, love my makeup.
End of story.
You wear highlighter.  Isn't that more for the younger set?
I mean YES I wear highlighter, but NO I don't think it's for the 'younger' set.
I have found that using highlighter gives my 'blah' skin a little 'oomph'.
Do you do your own makeup?
Believe it or not I get asked this a lot. 
Of course I do my own makeup.
Mr. T would not cotton to the idea of moving a makeup artist into our spare bedroom - unless said makeup artist could also double as the chef. And the pool boy. And maybe mow the lawn every once in a while.
Thanks for dropping by!
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