Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Just thinking out loud

I have pondered for quite some time if I am going to leave my blog up.
Let's face it: I haven't written on here much lately. Actually, I have not written ANYWHERE lately and I had been wondering if I might just give it up altogether.
Here is the chain of events leading up to this revelation:
I was all set to do a charity book signing in my hometown over the holidays. I had 2 full boxes of "False Victim" and one box of "The Hillbilly Debutante Café", however when I went to load up for the signing, my boxes of "False Victim" were gone. Vanished. Nowhere to be found.
I'm telling you, I tore that house apart looking for those boxes. At the last minute, I had to cancel the signing altogether.
I knew - and my husband agreed - that I could not show up at a book signing and make it with 'The Hillbilly Debutante Cafe' on it's own.
I felt awful for 2 reasons - mainly, because I'd let people down. And 2: because the realization, for the first time, hit me that I am really nothing without 'FV'.
First of all, let me say, I am so grateful for the success of
'False Victim'. I still wish the story had never happened, but am thankful that I was able to take an awful thing and turn it into something good.
But the fact is, I love and am proud of my work on the
'The HD Cafe'.
One endorser described it as a 'combination of Steel Magnolia's meets Fried Green Tomatoes with a sprinkle of My Name is Earl on top'. 
I have learned the hard way that this is not what the majority of people want to read. They want drama. Or romance.
And I don't want to write about either. If that is what it takes to be a successful author, then I have nothing to offer.
It was 2 weeks within that self-revelation that the man we hired to haul off trash, just happened to pick up my last box of books and took them to the dump. Ouch. He apologized profusely but that obviously didn't make them any less at the dump with all the other waste.
Ironically, it was 2 weeks after that, that I learned my publisher had closed up shop. I had suspected for some time that was going to happen.  Through the years I'd taken quite a bit of criticism for choosing to go with that particular publisher.
Keep in mind, I'd also signed a movie contract and everyone wanted a percentage of that except for this publisher, which pretty much made my decision to sign with them. I still say it was a good decision at the time.
So. Here I sit. Writing on my blog, knowing that no one is really reading it anymore....and wondering where to go from here.
I think for now I am going to use the blog as my diary. I enjoy writing and if I'm writing in it just for me, I don't feel the pressure of having to please anyone.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Selling Hillbilly Hacienda

2017 is already bringing changes to our life here at the
 Hillbilly Hacienda-with number 1 being that Hillbilly Hacienda is on the market.
Yes, you read that right.
My beloved Hillbilly Hacienda is under contract by another buyer, and the way it looks right now we will be moving into our new house the middle of January.
I've had the best time renovating this house - watching my vision come alive day to day and turning her exactly into what I wanted her to be.
I have enjoyed sharing pictures with y'all and the interest you've taken in every single one of our projects whether it be the pantry or the pool, helping me pick out wood floors and even naming her!
I thought this would be my forever home and led you to believe it would be.
So, I'm sure that leaves you with this question: WHY?
It's plain and simple: there is someone new.
Since I was a child I have always known what I wanted in the perfect home -
-beautiful foyer
-formal dining room
-large catering kitchen
kitchen dining area
-swimming pool
Well, lo and behold I unexpectedly found the house that has all of these things while previewing other houses for a client.
This is the first time in my entire life I have ever seen a house that met all of my needs and wants.
The next thing you know I am putting an offer in and working like a mad-woman to put mine on the market.
Now, on this New Years Day 2017 I find myself packing up my possessions, preparing to start yet another new phase in my life.
I made the announcement on my Social Media pages a few days ago and have gotten mixed reactions -
How could you let that pantry go?
while the pantry at the new house isn't as cute, it's much, much bigger and the fact that I have a REAL library more than makes up for the pantry.
But you just built that pool!
I know! But the new house also has a pool right off the sunroom - literally steps from the back door. And my yard isn't really much more than the pool so not a lot of maintenance.
Are you leaving Texas?
No way!!! As a matter of fact, I'm just moving about 5 miles down the road. So, I'll still be here in my hometown of Rowlett. And this new neighborhood has trees - real, live trees!!
I am so proud of the work I've done here. You know that old saying 'leave things better than you found them'?
Well, I think I've definitely done that with Hillbilly Hacienda.
I love the way you've followed along and loved her as much as I have.
And if she could talk, I bet she'd say 'thank you' as well.
Til Next Time,

Saturday, October 1, 2016

My House, Your House, Arhaus!

Fall is in the air!
Oh, who in the heck am I kidding?
Honey, here in Texas we don't see hide nor hair of fall until 2 weeks before Christmas, and even then you better not be napping or you'll miss it.
You'll hear no complaints from this girl, though.
Even though I love, love, love summer and drag it out til the bitter end, I still love fall colors.
While I do decorate for fall, I don't go 'all out'.
Since The Hillbilly Hacienda already has warm, cozy colors it's easy just to add a few touches.

The only place in the house I guess you could say I do go 'all out' is the fireplace.

 Don't you just love that farmhouse/vintage truck painting?
I bought that because I could see myself living in that scene.

See that little haybale? I just bought it at Hobby Lobby, but that freshly mowed hay smell permeates throughout the downstairs and takes me back to my childhood in Southwest Missouri.

Mmmmm... a deeeep breath and all the memories of my childhood come back to me - especially of my grandmothers house because she always had a freshly baked apple pie on the counter.

My pantry very much reminds me of a cabinet she had in her kitchen. I wish more than anything in the world I'd kept that cabinet. When designing my pantry I kept her pie cabinet in mind.

Now that I'm a grandmother there are sweet memories being made in my own kitchen. My grandchildren LOVE the little creatures on the kitchen island.
I usually keep candy corn in a mason jar next to the sparkly pumpkin on the far left, but I finally had to put a stop to that! (I was eating them all!)

 Something I never have to be reminded to do.....

I like to change my dishes out for each season.
I love these that I picked up from Bass Pro, and the cute little fox mugs are from none other than
Cracker Barrel!
Also, keep your eye out at places such as TJ Maxx.
And of course you know how I feel about thrift stores.
Love, love, love.
Something as simple as a pillow adds an extra touch!
 Y'all know I don't go to 'main-stream' stores too awful much, but last week I went 'sofa-shopping' for a client.
(Actually, I don't use fancy words like 'sofa'. So, in hillbilly english - I went 'couch-shopping')
Her style is very boho-chic Texas-style. Through the years I have fallen in love with the furniture store, Arhaus.
Uh....let me change that. I have fallen in love with lifestyle store, Arhaus.
I mean, this place is perfect for those of us who love unique items in our home. It's a great mix of farmhouse chic, bohemian eclectic, and rustic charm. I could get LOST in this store, folks.

I imagine that leather couch above with cow-hide pillows.
As creative as I like to think I am, I never dreamed of using a sectional like this one below:
But, this is what absolutely took my breath away!!
These are wall panels!!
Oh! My! Lanta!!!
Can't you just imagine this?

I'm tellin' ya....it was seriously hard to focus on business and not my own selfish wants (there'll be time for that later!)
Below is the sofa couch -and table!- that suited what we needed.
If you live in Dallas/Fort Worth area you can visit Arhaus in Northpark Mall in Dallas.
Or you can also visit from your own front porch:
And thank you so much for visiting MY house.
Now, about YOUR house - I would love to see some photos uploaded in my comments section of how you've decorated this fall.
Or if we're facebook friends, please share on my timeline.
Be sure and hashtag #hillbillydebutante and #arhaus.
Til Next Time,

Monday, September 12, 2016

My Tool Box is Cuter than Yours....

But I bet your house is cleaner than mine.
I should be doing a major cleaning, but...
I'm reading this book instead.
Just wonderin'....is there something you should be doing,
but you're doing something you want to be doing?
Tell me about it!
(No, I did not paint the tool box (although it looks easy-peasy) I bought it at Lyndi's Unique Boutique in downtown Royse City, Texas.)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I'm gonna pop some tags......

Just in case you didn't know, that's the name of a song.
A rap song, no less - about thrift store shopping.
 How cool is that?!?
Give it a listen!
And that's exactly what I did today.
It was 25% off day at Life Message Thrift store in my hometown of Rowlett, Texas, so I high-tailed it home after church, ONLY to drop off Mr. T.
After all, it's the first NFL Sunday of the season, which works in my favor.
Folks, I promise you a  Playboy centerfold could walk through our front door during NFL season and he'd never notice - unless she stood between him and the game of the week - and even then he'd scream at her because she'd be blocking the view.
So, what better time to bring home my junk  treasures without him being nosey.
He doesn't care much for my junking or dumpster diving, but that's a whole 'nother story.
Anyway....let's get to the nitty gritty.
Isn't that Wild West picture fun?
I've got a place for that up in my vintage Americana room.
I mean, what's more American than old Western movie?
(We watch one of these at least once a week.)
And I bought 2 of these old 100 pound feed sacks.
I'm not sure what I'll do with these, but I had to have them.
I'm sure Pinterest can give me a few ideas.
(My name is Kathie Truitt, (hello, Kathie) and I am a Pinterest addict).
I also splurged on a few clothing items, like this 'Orange Chopper' t-shirt for $1.
I loved this show, by the way.

And yes, these are overalls!
Dickey's, to be exact.
According to my grand-dad these are the best kind.
I'll cut them off above the ankle 
(the better to show off fringe ankle boots, my dear)
and add my signature of ruffles and lace, like I
did with these
(and maybe a patch or two):
Oversized-men's shorts (6$ at Goodwill), lace on pockets, and ruffles on the bottom from one of my old nightgowns.
Okay, so this is definitely not something you're going to see on the runway during Fashion Week, but I love them!
And for some reason that I can't explain, I am so attracted to this skirt.
It's not me, and I have no clue what I'll do with it, but for $5 I thought, 'aw heck, why not?'
Maybe a Downton Abbey-inspired outfit?
I dunno.
But stay tuned.
You know I'll come up with somethin' weird.
Til next time...